Friday, February 26, 2010


It has been quite some time since i updated my last post. CNY is going to end in a few days time but i felt that it has ended yesterday. Yesterday will be my last CNY day to receive ang pau and gamble. I really had enjoyed this year's CNY especially with my hometown buddies and course mates.

Tests and assignments' deadline are approaching. Next few weeks will be very hectic. I guess i need to pack up my holiday mood and start working hard. Sigh, really don't have the mood to study.

I felt very tired and down after class today. I don't know why...

It was like a lot of things come up in my mind but actually i don't know what am i thinking...but very emotional and heart-aching...arhhh..

Okla, let's listen to the song of the day. This song is kinda suit my feeling now...

寂寞光年 by 刘力扬

This song got another version called 礼物. It is actually the same song with same melody but with different lyrics.
But i like 寂寞光年's lyrics more.

Ok, it's time to face the reality.... :(