Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Mung Beans Plant

 Wow, see how the plant grew in less than 24 hours time.Amazing?
Taken on 28/12/2011 9.42pm

Taken on 29/12/2011 8.35pm

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Couch Potato

Another picture drawn by me using Paint. It's kinda ugly though but who cares. Lol...
Seriously, I am a couch potato. 
My favourite past time is lazying at home watching dramas / variety shows and snacking at the same time.
No wander my butt is so big. >.< 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is that a Compliment?

Before my boss left office today, he approached our team, carrying his backpack. While discussing about some work related matters with one of my colleague, he suddenly pointed at me and said "She is the most hard working Angel". I "stunted" for awhile and laughed, thinking "really?" Haha..Well, perhaps "yes" for last time because I used to leave office very late. I was the last or last 2 or 3 person to leave office almost everyday. After that, I started to feel a bit guilty as I started to be less "hard-working" recently and leave office quite early since I would like to focus more on my exam. Unlike last time, I would leave even though I can't finish my work because I realized work will NEVER finish.

On second thought, was it a compliment?? Hmm..

On a separate occasion, I THINK I got another compliment this morning. To get a signature from a very "Important" person this morning, I went to a different floor, which I seldom go. The room is located at the very end of the whole office. That means I need to pass by a lot of people's workspaces in order to reach there. Since it is an open office, everyone will look at you when you walk by. That floor is basically occupied by our system vendor, can say mostly programmer, so lots of young guys. On don't know the "n" time I walked by today (went there for a few times since the person is not around), I heard a few guys whispering : "有气质,有气质" (translation: shall I say "有气质" means charismatic or attitude). I think they were talking about me. LOL...I did not turn over and I pretended I did not hear that. Haha...Or may be I am to "perasan" / self-satified...kekeke...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It Stops!

I can't remember the exact date I got this watch but it has been with me for more than 6 years. It was a gift from my dad, no special occasion. Just like anything and everything, it finally came to it's end (for the first time since I owned it). I mean it's battery life. Not today though, actually it has been dead since 12/11/2011, 11.28pm. Erm, exact time should be 11.18pm since I set it to be 10 minutes earlier than the real time. Haha. Oh, it's about 1 month now and I still haven't change it's battery. I am so not used to not wearing a watch whenever I go out as I feel that my hand is so empty. I still  feel like having no sense of time without a watch although I can refer to mobile phone. Ok, that's all my watch-less feeling. ".)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's year end and it's a travelling season! Got a lots of souvenirs from friends and colleagues lately. Thanks! 
These are from my house-mates!




As for my colleagues,the trend is to buy food and snacks as souvenirs. We have food and snacks from Thailand, Bali, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Penang, Kuala Selangor, Melaka and etc

For some reason (which i don't know), all the edible souvenirs are left on my table. Part of my table is being occupied by foods. =.= Poor me! Some people walk by and asked: "eh, you sell those food? snack stalls?" =.= Basically, i ate all those 'souvenirs' the most. The reason? 
1) They can be reached easily. No need to walk at all.
2) My colleagues want me to accompany them eat as they are too shy.
3) I have the urge to eat when i see people eat. 
No wonder, i put on so much 'fat' lately. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cleaning 101: Fan

I have been freaking lazy lately. I would spend my weekend lying on the bed doing nothing and sleeping. Waking up just to eat, snacking, watch drama and online is my habbit now. Not sure since when. My room get messier and messier, clothes left un-holded after drying. Aiks, no eyes to see myself. No wonder i got fatter and fatter these days. Actually, i have been thinking of cleaning and tidying up my room for some time already but my laziness keeps holding me back.

Guess what? Today is Monday and it is a Public holiday (Awal Muharram). As usual, i stay at home, my room to be exact, wasting time. Really unproductive >.< After wasting half of my day doing nothing productive, i come to my sense finally.  "NO. I cannot continue to be like this" I said to myself.

Ok, where shall i start? Perhaps, i should just sweep the floor. And so i off the fan. Wow, the fan is so damn black and dusty. I think i haven't wipe it for some time already. Oops!

Alright, i'll start with the fans. :S It might be easy for a lot of people to clean it but it ain't easy for a shawty like me. Oops! I mean shorty. Well, never mind, these may help! haha

Stacking 4 stools together

Look at the dust!

Done with the first paddle. Ouch, my neck hurts ! 2 paddles to go...


Finally i'm done! Squeaky Clean >.^ 

Next, i proceeded to sweep my room and the living room. Then, i changed my bed sheet and threw the rubbish. Ok, tired~ Rest awhile only mop the floor. After awhile, i changed my mind. Let's continue tomorrow. XP haha...Lazy me!

P/S: Sorry for wasting your time to read my junk post...haha

Change 1.0

Lately, i have been thinking deeply about myself, my personality, my taste, my everything, Yes, i am self-reflecting. And, i realized i have changed a lot in these 1 year + time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Aikss...i'm having insomnia for 3 consecutive days...not joking, it has been 3 days and i'm not sure it will continue today! T.T Dark circle is getting darker and obvious...

Although today is a public holiday (Deepavali), i couldn't sleep well last night. Not sure why, I think most probably is due to work stress. I'm going to have my consecutive leaves and going outstation very soon but I can't feel the joy yet. I just can't go off with peace of mind.

To compensate myself for working late and hard last few days, I treat myself with my favourite breakfast, Subway! Yummy...

Chicken Slice + Egg with a cup of white coffee

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lady Bird

Long time never play with Paint already XD...start with a simple one...hehe

I drew lady bird because my sis keeps on saying she wants Lady bird lantern. So i drew one and pasted on her FB wall. Haha...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A lot of people said I'm naive, just because i choose to trust people.

Ya, I always choose to trust the people around me. I've never think of people betraying me or trapping me. Or maybe I'm very lucky to have trust-able people around me?

I know, i know. There are all sorts of people in this world. You may not know what others think, what're their motives. But, I am not as naive as people think of me. It's just that i rather choose to trust people than thinking how people take advantage on me.

My thinking is quite simple: As long as i treat people nicely, others will also treat me nicely. I might be wrong but I really hope so. Anyway, I got nothing to loose.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I was born this way!!

Nobody in this world is perfect. Neither you nor I.
Yes, I have lots weaknesses and flaws. So do you!

I am not pretty or have a perfect body.
I am indecisive.
I am slow when come to doing things.
I am a careless person who always make mistakes.
I am moody sometimes.
I am lazy.
I am .....

But hey, that's me. Those weaknesses and flaws make me who I am.
I accept my weaknesses, my flaws and myself. I am who I am.

Quote from Lady Gaga's "Born this way": I am beautiful in my way cause god makes no mistake...I am on the right track, Baby... I was BORN THIS WAY!

Just be yourself, accept who you are! And, you will find yourself much more happier.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My dilemma

A song that i like recently by Justin Bieber's girlfried, Selena Gomez. No MV for this song, so only can share the lyrics.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mid twenties / Quarter life crisis?

I have been feeling miserable and depress lately, ever since a few hours before my birthday last week. Nothing interest me. I find my life meaningless. I don't know what i want in my life. I feel lost. I just don't know why. My world is so grey....Arghhh!

I suspect i'm having quarter life crisis!!

According to Wikipedia, the characteristic of quarter life crisis may include:
  • confronting one's own mortality [Nope]
  • insecurity concerning ability to love oneself, let alone another person [check]
  • insecurity regarding present accomplishments [check]
  • re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships [a little bit]
  • lack of friendships or romantic relationships, sexual frustration, and involuntary celibacy [romantic relationships perhaps...haha]
  • disappointment with one's job [check]
  • nostalgia for university, college, high school, middle school or elementary school life [Sometimes]
  • tendency to hold stronger opinions [Hmmm...]
  • boredom with social interactions [check]
  • loss of closeness to high school and college friends [high school friends maybe]
  • financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unexpectedly high cost of living) [check, well still enough but definitely no extra]
  • loneliness, depression and suicidal tendencies [check, but don't worry, no suicidal tendencies]
  • desire to have children [Nonono..not so fast]
  • a sense that others are doing better than oneself [check]
  • frustration with social skills [sometimes]

Hmm..mostly check, I guess i am...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Surprise ^.^

Reluctantly, i went to work this morning as I was having Tuesday Blue. No Monday Blue this week because i took leave to rest at home for my birthday.

I was late as usual, but i still walked lazily towards my workstation. As i opened my drawer, i saw an unfamiliar paper bag sitting in the place where i normally keep my bag. I explored it curiously and saw a note inside. Oh, it was a birthday gift from my manager. =] I was really surprise because he is my new manager, whom i have only known for less than 2 months.

Well, it was not about the gift that made me happy but the 'heart' that touched me. It made my day.

By the way, I feel really lucky and glad that i always meet with good, kind and friendly supervisors.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Hmm..this blog has been abandoned for quite some time. Actually, i have a lot to write sometimes but just not on the right time and the sudden urge to write vanished after awhile.

Well, what is 627? Nothing special, just my birthday!

I have my first 'official' celebration 10days ago with my colleagues but this celebration was not done on purpose. Supposedly, we were having our department's welcome lunch for a few new staffs in TGI Friday. So, they took this opportunity to celebrate my birthday concurrently. Haha. But i did have a surprise when i saw a cake in front of me out of sudden. You know what was written on the cake? " Happy birthday Fatty Angie". I was like : "......" & =.= Another surprise?
Anyway, really thanks to my colleagues who remembered that my birthday was approaching and told the boss to celebrate for me.

Unofficial? Neway Karaoke is having birthday month promotion, that is free one head charge. So my colleagues took this opportunity to go sing K. And birthday promotion comes with a free champagne if there are more than 6 head counts. I did not how to react when Neway played the birthday song as they served the champagne because my birthday was 2 weeks away and they didn't plan to celebrate birthday for me. Another week later, we went to sing K again to celebrate getting bonus and to get the free head charge. These 2 sing k session can't count as celebration bah! haha...

I had my second 'special' celebration yesterday. What so special? Because my dear coursemates made me to bake my own birthday cup cakes. Haha. According to Lee Wen, they are tiring of dirty celebration like pouring water, flour and etc and baking own birthday cake is another type of torture. Haha... To tell you the truth, i did enjoyed this 'torturing' process. Those cupcakes may not be the most beautiful cake i have in my life but they are special and memorable one. Luckily they are edible and the taste is not too bad.

We started our day with the said "legendary" ikan bakar in Jalan Bellamy before baking the cakes. Only 1 stall opened that day and we just gave it a try since we had no choice. As soon as we reached and made our order, it started pouring cats and dogs. Wow, the rain was too heavy until we had no place to sit. What a 'wonderful' day to have ikan bakar, huh! In the end we had to dine our sotong and ikan bakar in their kitchen :S and the dishes were cold. We did felt a bit disappointed though.

After baking the cup cakes, we headed to Kota Damansara to have our Mexican Dinner, which was chosen by Kai You. The interesting part is we couldn't find the restaurant. Lol. So we had to change the venue to a Japanese restaurant in Sunway Giza. I guess this was another surprise that they wanted to give me. haha. Anyway, really glad that my coursemates came to celebrate and ate those cupcakes with me. Oh ya, thanks for the gift. =)

Well, that's all the memorable celebration i have this year.

Thank You guys and gals! You know who you are...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Stealing this from a junior's blog...haha..

It's damn accurate for me...try it yourself and see if it's accurate for you as well.

Which type of person are you?

1. 你有吃早餐的习惯? 有~~2 没有~~3

2. 你养过宠物? 有~~7 没有~~3

3. 你有工作经验? 有~~7 没有~~4

4. 你有好的运动细胞? 有~~8 没有~~5

5. 你现在正在减肥? 是~~9 不是~~6

6. 你认为看电影一定要吃零食? 是~~9 不是~~10

7. 你觉得地球上出现过外星人? 有~~8 没有~~11

8. 你曾有过很多恋情? 是~~12 不是~~9

9. 你很少看漫画书? 是~~13 不是~~10

10. 你到KTV就会唱个不停? 是~~13 不是~~14

11. 你喜欢吃三明治? 喜欢~~14 不喜欢~~12

12. 你会自创不同的菜式? 会~~15 不会~~13

13. 你很会画插画? 是~~A型 不是~~B型

14. 你喜欢格子图案? 喜欢~~C型 不喜欢~~D型

15. 你很想出国上学? 是~~E型 不是F型

16. 你曾参加过某明星的后援会? 有~~G型 没有~~H型


不管是熟人还是陌生人,你都会主动与对方交谈,你给人的感觉很活泼也很大方且并不唐突,所以你并不惹人讨厌,你给人的第一个印象不错,你的思维过于活跃,所 以身边总是很多朋友,但知心的并没有几个,你太贪玩,表面看似和谁都能相约吃饭,逛街,做一些亲密的事,这样会让你真正的好朋友怀疑到底与你之间的友谊是 哪种,对方可能不能确定与你要好的程度,而如果对方又是不喜欢表达的人,这种情绪会越积越多,到最后不可负荷时,爆发出来,可能受伤的反而是你。所以注意 一下自己的表现,你应该对不管是友情还是其他感情,都有鲜明的态度,这样才不会有不必要的误会和遗憾。


有你在的地方一定有欢笑,你善良,调皮,任性,霸道与贴心。你看起来活泼好动,但实际内心深处,你有些自卑而自负,你希望自己能把事情做到最好,你很在乎别 人对你的评价,你的性格像小孩,单纯直接,情绪化,喜怒哀乐写在脸上,你没有心机,但也缺少些自我保护的能力,你表面看来很容易相处,但想要走进你的内心 世界其实并不容易,你需要人家的鼓励,包容,宠爱和肯定,其实你也常常自我反省,你希望自己能做到起码80%的完美,但你似乎没那个毅力,所以你的情绪变 化无常,一定是被这些因素困扰的。



D 型人~~

你是积极努力认真派,你对自己要求很高,但一旦遇到和你脾气相似的人,你们就很有惺惺相惜的感觉,因而相谈甚欢。你虽然表面看起来有些严肃,但是其实你单 纯善良,你的想法总是积极的,你有很强的自我调节能力,所以即使你遇到苦难,也能很好的处理,你在朋友是最乖的朋友,因为当你真心喜欢一个人的时候,你的 贴心和用心会不自然的流露出来,你个朋友的关系看似平淡,但其实双方心里的挂念,彼此都知道。




你的废话不多,你喜欢观察,不管是人还是事物,你的心思慎密,眼光独到,你总能看出别人看不出的细节,你做事很有计划,这让朋友和你相处起来十分安心,因为 你不仅把自己处理得很稳妥,空闲时,还能帮朋友做一些小事,你能掌握别人的想法,你的观点总是比较有建材,也很特别,你很理智和现实,你不喜欢天马行空的 乱想,你觉得那样没意义。


你不喜欢想得太远,只要眼下快乐就好,你没什么想像力,你每天关心的是今天要做什么,怎么做。你的生活很简单,正常吃,喝,睡,闷了找人聊点无关要紧的事情,把事情打发走 。你对生活中的快乐与烦恼看得很开,你是个很容易满足的人。



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Impromptu presentation

Let me share the new experience i got today.

I was asked to attend a meeting today. This meeting was held to discuss the project kickoff timeline and tasks of respective departments.

Since this product is handled by me and my colleague was too busy with other task, i was required to attend the meeting alone. However, i have been busy with other task, so i have never properly go through this product. I just roughly read through the benefits of this product a day before.

Ok. People from respective departments started to fill up the meeting room and someone called out "let's start". But no one actually started talking. The one who held the meeting is quite new. Then, suddenly someone said let's get actuarial to talk about the product feature since it was never been discussed before.

Then i said and laughed: I was never told to do so in this meeting. The person who held the meeting looked at me and said let's discuss this first.

I was like: "huh, really? Me? Shit!" I have never prepared anything before the meeting and i'm not familiar with the product yet.

Everyone turned to me and waited for me to start. I have no choice and there was no escape road. I don't even have slides to present. Everyone was holding the product specification documents that prepared by my colleague and i have never seen that before. Luckily, i did bring along other related documents.

And so i started my presentation. I just looked at my documents and simply crapped. Haha...
The hardest part was not to do the talking but to answer all sorts of questions. I just pretended like I knew very well when answering questions but actually i was not too sure. For those questions that are too hard, i just replied : i'll get back to you. LOL.

When i was almost done, my boss came in suddenly. Good, because they all turned to him and asked the questions that i can't answer. Somebody joked: you secretly text your boss for help huh? LOL.

Although my presentation was quite terrible this morning, it wasn't too bad after all. It was impromptu anyway. At least i have gained a new experience today.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life. Ups and DOWNs

Life is hard. Ups and downs. I'm at the down side now.

Having a lot of stress recently.

Last week, i received a really bad news from home. Unexpected thing just happened. The worst thing was I could not do anything to help out.

Yesterday was really a bad day for me. Everything i did was not right. I kept it cool.

And today? Not smooth either. But i still smile and talked nicely to people.

I have been staying positive all this while. Just laugh it off and forget about it. Be optimistic.

But sometimes, it is very hard to stay cool all the time.

I can't take it anymore. I am feeling down now. Feel like getting a warm big hug. Any free hugs? >.<

How is my tomorrow like? I hope it is a good one but i don't think so.

Anyway, life goes on. Cheers! Stay happy always!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How clumsy can you be?

I admit I am a clumsy person. Always forget this and that, do all sorts of careless mistakes, blah blah blah...You should know this if you know me well.

Well, today will be marked as the most blur moment in my life so far.

The story is like this:

I was out of cash so i planned to withdraw money today. So, i just grabbed my card and went to ATM machine before going for lunch. I performed the transaction as usual while chatting with my colleague. So far so good.

After i chose the amount i want, i was asked to key in my ATM pin. I tried but the pin no. is incorrect. I was very sure that was the correct pin so i keyed in again. But, it was still wrong. Then, i tried again and end up the card was retained by the ATM machine.

Huh, what's wrong? Am I that blur till i forgot my ATM pin? Impossible bah! Well, i thought may be I was too hungry as i just had a packet of biscuit this morning before my VEE exam and nothing went in my stomach for the next 5 hours. I blamed my blur-ness to the hunger.

Next, i called the bank customer service to inform them about the fate of my ATM card so they can disable the old card and reissue a new one for me. Done. I was going to my collect my new ATM card at the nearest branch after back from lunch.

Oh wait, this is not the end of story yet.

I think i got my conscience back after I had my lunch.

OH MY GOD! The card that had been eaten by the ATM machine is not an ATM card. It is a CREDIT CARD. I realized it suddenly and I tried to tell my colleagues, but i kept on laughing till unable to speak. I should have sensed something amiss when I was asked to key in the pin no. only after select the amount to withdraw. But, it was too late.

The BEST part is, I have lost BOTH of my cards. ATM card has been blocked and credit card has been retained. =.= One word: "Excellent"

If it happens on you, how will you react in this situation? For me, I just laugh! Laugh off my silliness. Ya, i tend to laugh at myself at this kind of silly situation. I don't know what reaction should i give other than laugh. And my colleague said: "You still can laugh at this moment."

Net loss for this clumsiness?
Cost of reissuing new ATM card = RM12
Cost of replacing new credit card = RM25
So, this lesson has cost me RM37

Luckily, i set different pin for ATM card and credit card, else RM50 will be charged for withdrawing money from credit card. So, it will cost me extra RM13 if my card was not retained by the ATM machine. This is the optimistic side of thinking. Haha

End of story. Thanks for reading. That's life. Hope you will have a good laugh on this.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Exam exam exam : VEE - Corporate Finance

Oh dear, another exam is coming up >.<

Study look...haha

Pray hard i can go through...

Friday, March 4, 2011

You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me

Song of the day~ A soundtrack from the movie Burlesque:

You haven't seen the last of me by Cher

A meaningful and beautiful song.

"I'm down now
But i'll be standing tall again
Times are hard but
I was built tough
I'm gonna show you all what I'm made of"

Yea, you'll never see the last of me...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today Special (31/1/2011) - Dandelion

It's been a long time i never see this plant already. Sigh, this is the consequences of living in a hectic city.

To most of the people, dandelion is just another type of grass but to me, it is a special plant that i like.

I like to play with it when i was young. Simply because i like to see the way they fly in the sky. ^^

Too bad i didn't bring my camera, only can capture it with my phone (don't have micro mode). And it was windy, so hard to capture it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today Special (29/1/2011) - Pampered: Ice Cream

It's time to pamper myself~

Yup, i'm enjoying my day off.

Guess what flavor it is?

Nah, it's chocolate matcha. It's green tea + Chocolate, mix.

I thought it will be 2 different scoops when i ordered. But... haha, unexpected.

Quite nice because it's not too sweet..yum yum!

I always like Kindori ice cream because they only make the ice cream upon order. So it's fresh.

Check out their website:

P/s: i ate 2 spoons already only remember to take photo, so the shape looks a bit weird in the photo. haha..

Friday, January 28, 2011

Holiday Mood

Today is my last working day in year of Tiger. I'm going to have long CNY holiday start from tomorrow. ^^

Needless to say, works piled up as i was away for training for 2 days. I really felt stress and scared to read my emails. ><>

Since i cant finish them, i told myself to focus on my own task, which i must get it done before going on leave, and just ignore others. Learn to let go~ Fong shau, fong hoi sor yau....

And i did it, I reached home before the sky turn dark. ^^ Damn damn damn happy!

Oh ya, first time book bus ticket online (they just updated their website). Not only can avoid the hassle at the counter but also cheaper. 10% discount for online purchase! Hehe ^^

Actually i don't have any CNY mood but i'm glad that i can have a long holiday and i can go back to be with my family.

Happy Rabbit Year in advance! ^^

Thursday, January 27, 2011

OT - Goosebumps?

I went for training these 2 days. Full time, from 9am - 5pm. The training was internal but the location was in different building.

Well nothing special actually. However, i did experience something, errr....something different ><.

Here's the story:

After the first day training ended, i went back to office to work. Actually can go home directly but sigh, too many things to be done before CNY holidays.

Around 8pm, my housemate asked me want to go back or not. I hesitated for awhile and decided to go back earlier.

After dinner and on the way home, i came to realize that my big boss is going on leave starting from friday. Shit! I got some urgent thing that need him to review and sign but not yet done.

Then i rushed back to office to do. Sigh, it took a lot more time than i thought it should be.

Work, work, work. Till 12am, everyone on that floor left already and i was alone again.

Out of no where, an alarm started to ring. Don't know whose. Gosh, really. Luckily, my colleague told me about this before, else i'll be really really shocked.

Ya, it was late already. I quickly finished off the part that i did half way and went back.

It was 12.15am when i left. Walked to the lift and found the up button was pressed. Don't care la, i just pressed down button and it opened immediately. Eh, why the light of up button still on? Hmm...

I went in and pressed G. The lift stopped at 7th floor and opened. No one. Ok. It stopped again at 6th floor. This time the lift opened half only and closed. Oh dear, it's getting creepier. Okkk...Let's continue, it stopped at 4th floor again. Wah, this time it is really scared the hell out of me. My heart was almost jumped out. The light on that floor was off and it was all dark when the lift opened. Damn eerie! I quickly pressed close button, went down and left the building.

I'll think twice next time if i need to stay that late again.

p/s: Opps, the topic is not related to the picture at all.

Today Special (25/1/2011) - Fortune Cookie

Got a fortune cookie from my big boss today. The message i got is "You have a friendly heart and are well admired" and he said it is true for me. LOL ^^

Well, what do you think?

Anyway, all the messages written are usually general and suited everyone.

It's just for fun!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ya, I know. I know most of my posts were emo and down but i cant help it. And yet, this will be another moody post again. Please allow me to release it here ><

I admit that i'm kinda moody recently. It is quite serious as the level of emo-ness goes to the point that i can't control my feeling. Exploding, period.

I seldom get so moody or simply show my moodiness to people around me. But not for this time, "bad mood" is clearly written on face because someone told be that my face is really "black". I think some others might not dare to tell me. Haha..


Thinking of all the issue,work load and timeline, i'm really stress out. I am really exhausted, mentally.

You know what, my working hours per week is more than the total no of hour i slept per week. Not only work till very late every day, but i need to go back to work on weekend and public holiday. And, i broke my own OT record last friday by working till 1.20am. Although i'm the last one to leave, i don't even feel scared as i was too focus on work.

You may say a lot of people is just like me, but i have reached my limit.

I really felt upset last sunday because i couldn't bring my sister out that day. She purposely came from so far to find me, to hang out and see me. I felt so bad to take her to office as she didn't want to go out or stay home alone. :( I'm really really sorry.

My life is seriously imbalance. Where is my life? AmLife (my company) ><

I know it reaches my limit, so i decided not to go to office this weekend no matter what. There is a saying "To rest is to prepare for a longer journey".

Resting my mind over the weekend and preparing to fight again on Monday! Fighting!

p/s: Photo was taken in last year Oct, too bored while studying. Haha...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

GoodBye 2010

I am writing today to reflect and review myself and everything over the year that has just past. I felt that year 2010 passed through extremely fast, as quick as a wink.

Thinking back at the events and things that had happened over the year, Year 2010 is a special year for me.

Firstly, year 2010 is year of tiger. Meaning, i have lived for 2 cycles. Actually, this one is not important, just want to elongate my post. Haha..

Back to the point, I have a lot of first time last year. First time visited to my coursemates' house during CNY, first time and also our last time had our course night, travelled out of country with coursemates for the first time, don't care of my grade for the first time during final exam, have my first permanent job, bought my own first car, drove back from penang to KL alone for the first time, christmas eve countdown with colleagues for the first time and etc. I believed there are more that i can't remember.

I am glad that i have a bunch for good friends around me. I have known my Penang Gang for more than 10years. Although we seldom meet and chat, i can feel that our bond is still there. We will meet up to update ourselves every time i go back Penang. I'm very happy to hear that one of them is going to marry this year. Congratulations, Lao Yang!
As for me in KL, I have another gang, which is my uni friends, my coursemates. Through thin and thick, all the trips and activities, our bonds grew stronger. We like to 'chap bao fuk' and stay in a house, drink and chit chat all night long. Glad to know all of you! Thanks..

Turning Point.
I just graduated and have my first job last year. It was the biggest turning point in my life. I got to step out of comfort zone, prepared and exposed myself to this cruel corporate world. Before my job interview, a friend of mine (he claimed that he is my best friend) said something to me that i'll always remember. He said " in order to succeed, you need to be more confident, have self-confidence". And yea, he was right, i am always a person who is lack of confident. I am learning to trust myself and build my self-confidence slowly from that time onwards.

Luckily for me, I got the job i want in my first interview. I feel bless that I meet with a lot of nice people at work. Although i complained a lot about my jobs sometimes, i can say that i am happy to work there because of the nice boss and colleagues i have. The sad part is, i always work late till i feel that i lost my life sometimes. New year resolution? Work, Life balance. Like one of my colleague, Vim said "New Year Resolution: Go home by 7pm or earlier everyday". Haha..Also my target this year.

The queue is long. If you are interested, please take your number. Lol, just kidding...
Hmm...Not going to talk about it. All i can say is my status is still the same. Haha..
Might change this year? Who knows?

Okla, i guess that's all that i can think about me in 2010. The post is kinda long already.

Happy New Year! Wish everyone has a great year ahead.