Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Mung Beans Plant

 Wow, see how the plant grew in less than 24 hours time.Amazing?
Taken on 28/12/2011 9.42pm

Taken on 29/12/2011 8.35pm

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Couch Potato

Another picture drawn by me using Paint. It's kinda ugly though but who cares. Lol...
Seriously, I am a couch potato. 
My favourite past time is lazying at home watching dramas / variety shows and snacking at the same time.
No wander my butt is so big. >.< 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is that a Compliment?

Before my boss left office today, he approached our team, carrying his backpack. While discussing about some work related matters with one of my colleague, he suddenly pointed at me and said "She is the most hard working Angel". I "stunted" for awhile and laughed, thinking "really?" Haha..Well, perhaps "yes" for last time because I used to leave office very late. I was the last or last 2 or 3 person to leave office almost everyday. After that, I started to feel a bit guilty as I started to be less "hard-working" recently and leave office quite early since I would like to focus more on my exam. Unlike last time, I would leave even though I can't finish my work because I realized work will NEVER finish.

On second thought, was it a compliment?? Hmm..

On a separate occasion, I THINK I got another compliment this morning. To get a signature from a very "Important" person this morning, I went to a different floor, which I seldom go. The room is located at the very end of the whole office. That means I need to pass by a lot of people's workspaces in order to reach there. Since it is an open office, everyone will look at you when you walk by. That floor is basically occupied by our system vendor, can say mostly programmer, so lots of young guys. On don't know the "n" time I walked by today (went there for a few times since the person is not around), I heard a few guys whispering : "有气质,有气质" (translation: shall I say "有气质" means charismatic or attitude). I think they were talking about me. LOL...I did not turn over and I pretended I did not hear that. Haha...Or may be I am to "perasan" / self-satified...kekeke...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It Stops!

I can't remember the exact date I got this watch but it has been with me for more than 6 years. It was a gift from my dad, no special occasion. Just like anything and everything, it finally came to it's end (for the first time since I owned it). I mean it's battery life. Not today though, actually it has been dead since 12/11/2011, 11.28pm. Erm, exact time should be 11.18pm since I set it to be 10 minutes earlier than the real time. Haha. Oh, it's about 1 month now and I still haven't change it's battery. I am so not used to not wearing a watch whenever I go out as I feel that my hand is so empty. I still  feel like having no sense of time without a watch although I can refer to mobile phone. Ok, that's all my watch-less feeling. ".)