Thursday, May 6, 2010

My first unemployment day

Omg, it's already 4am. By right, i should sleep soundly in my bed now.

Actually i feel very tired, but don't know why i still don't want to go to bed.

Yesterday was my first day being unemployed officially. What have i done???

The answer is NOTHING. Am i a rice worm? Haha..

Okla, actually i spent my whole day in LRT and bus. Haiz, really wasted a lot of time.

I went out from my PJ house around 10.45am like that. The terminal bus station has temporary moved to Bukit Jalil, so i have to take LRT to there. From Taman Jaya station to Masjid Jamek, then changed to Starline LRT to go Bukit Jalil. I think i spent about 1 hour like that on LRT.

Then, I boarded a 12pm bus to Penang. It's not the bus from the company i usually took. Damn it, it took 6 hours to reach because it did not go to Penang directly but it stopped at other station in Perak first. Usually, it took almost or less than 5 hours to reach. Haiz, and here my whole afternoon was gone. My mood not very good at that time because i was very hungry, but i can't do anything.

It was dinner time when i reached, so my dad brought me to KAYU eat. He and my sis recommended me to eat Tosai Masala (don't know how to spell). Have you try it before? It's actually potatoes like in the curry puff wrapped inside Tosai. The taste not bad, very fulling.

Afterward, we went to Tesco shopping. I saw LAYS potato chips got discount, so i grabbed 1 ...Hehe :). It's very salty, not good for health actually.

Backed home, i watched TV with my sis. We enjoyed our drama session with LAYS potato chips. Then i watched GLEE for the first time, since it is highly recommended by Jenna. GLEE is a musical drama, quite nice to watch.

Then, like usual lo, online session. I tried to explore some companies and dropped my resume and filled in the application. And so, my first unemployment day ended here.

It's time to sleep. -0-