Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 reasons why i laugh / smile...

1. happy...haha
-needless to say, everyone will laugh when happy

2. awkward..
-i tend to laugh when i'm in an awkward situation

3. shy...
-i smile or laugh to cover my shyness

4. speechless...
-when i got nothing to say...haha
-you will find me "haha" a lot in msn if you realize

5. funny thought...
-sometimes you'll find me laughing before i say anything because there are some funny thoughts in my mind. I cant say it out because i keep on laughing.

6. did something wrong...
-i will laugh if i find myself doing something wrong
-thinking of how stupid i am

7. jokes / find something hilarious
-sometimes i cant stop laughing after seeing or listening to some hilarious stuffs

8. seeing others laugh
-yes, i'll laugh when see people around me laugh. Chain reaction?

9. crazy?
-maybe i'm a little bit crazy. No?

10. simple, because i like to laugh

self-made quote: a laugh a day keep depression away!

Laughter is the best medicine!