Saturday, May 11, 2013

It is supposed to be a happy day

Sighhh...I feel really really down today.

Today is supposed to be an excited day for me. In few hours time, I will be flying back to my home town to attend my grandma's birthday celebration, in which I have been looking forward to.

Today is supposed to be a relax day for me. I just took an exam 2 days ago and I thought I can finally rest for a short while before taking the next exam.

Today is supposed to be a better day for me as I just got over my sadness for not able to perform in my exam which I took 2 days ago. I can't blame anyone or anything as I did not work hard and prepare enough this time and I have expected to fail it. It's my fault that I slack and did not work hard but I still feel sad.

Today is supposed to be a joyful day for me. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am heading back to see my mama today.

Today is supposed to be a self-pampered day. I had plan to reward myself with something expensive for finishing the recent exam marathon and working hard (at work).

And the list go on...

I woke up automatically before 8am today and this is not usual for me as I don't normally woke up that early on Saturday. I haven't had enough sleep for the week and I don't supposed to wake up this early without alarm clock. No, is not biological clock as I don't consistently wake up at 8 this week. I burned midnight oil and woke up rather late every day before my exam. And yesterday, I almost could not wake up to work even with the helped of alarm clock due to tiredness.

Perhaps, my brain knew something. Perhaps, my brain received some dunno-what-wave-signal and asked me to wake up.

It's my habit to check my phone first once I woke up. Checking email, notification, massage and etc. And today is no different.

Finally, I received an email that I have been waiting for so long, for weeks. It's my exam result, which I took in mid of March. This exam is slightly different where I have to do it at home within the given time frame and submit it for grading. It's a very tense exam even you do it at home due to the time limit. I'm not that sad for failing other exam but this exam is really torturing.

Yup, I failed!!! T.T Arghhh...I need to redo everything again. I need to go through the whole stressful process...I...I don't what to do....

Sigh...It's a very expensive exam. I need to re-register and spend U$500 on it. Cannot claim from anywhere. No, I am not sad because of the money actually.

I though I will be ok but no...I feel very sad but not able to cry...I got no one to turn to and don't know how to let it out. I thought I am strong enough but I realize I need a shoulder to cry on sometimes. I..I don't know...

Right. I got few hours more to pack my feelings before I reach my home. I don't know I still can smile today but I have to try. I can't show my sadness in front of my parents and grandma, especially during the her birthday and mother's day celebration.

Ok. Got to go. Rushing to airport. Feeling much better as I write it out...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Green Corridor Run ~ 27/1/2013

After the Great Eastern Women Run, I immediately looked up for more upcoming marathons. Well, the Green Corridor Run caught my attention due to it's unique 10.5km running course. The cause started at the old Tanjong Pagar Rail Station winds its way along the 'Green Corridor' till the old Bukit Timah Rail Station. 
To be honest, the course is rather difficult as the surface is a combination of trail, grass, gravel, clay, rocks and mud. However,  as a nature lover, I really enjoyed the scenic greenery view and the fresh air throughout the run.
Erm, I took 1:37:16 to finish the course this time. Obviously I did not train for the run. Haha...
I am targeting to join few more running events this year. Fighting!

Don't forget to smile and pose when reaching finish line. A lot of cameras are flashing. Piece! Y('u')

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cycling @ Sentosa Island ~ 12/1/2013

I have to admit that I did not know how to ride a bicycle even though I have passed a quarter life. Oppsy!
One day, my colleagues invited me to join them for a casual biking session at Sentosa Island. I was keen but hesitated afraid that becoming their burden. Well, I joined in the end hoping to learn cycling by the end of the session. 
At the end of the day, I am still not very good at cycling but i enjoyed it though. It was a nice experience and I will definitely overcome my fear one day.

The picturesque Palawan Beach

Nope, I did not rode on the sand. Just took a photo with a scenic background

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My First Marathon ~ 11/11/12

Great Eastern Women Run 11/11/12
On Nov 11, 2012, I ran a 10KM marathon in Singapore. It was my "virgin" marathon...haha..I regretted not having training before the run. It was difficult during the run but I felt good when reaching the finish line. Well, my record was 1.28.09. Not bad for first timer right? *self-console* (cough cough). I think I will continue to join more run next year. Finger crossed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Prawning ~ 29/9/2012

Prawning @ Hai Bin, Bishan
It was another boring weekend. My friends and myself decided to do something fun to "kill" our time. And as you can see from the picture, we went for "prawning" at Hai Bin, Bishan.

If catch fishes = FISHING, then catch prawns = PRAWNING??! ...

We took the 3 hours session which cost S$ 30 per person. Oh, and we bought a box of "cacing" (earth worm), which cost S$1, as our bait.

3 of us did not catch many prawns that day. But still, I was the prawning queen among us. Out of the 15 prawns we caught, around 9 prawns were caught by me...*clap clap* One of my friend caught only 1. wtf..haha..Actually it's not as easy as you think as the prawns got away easily after eating your bait.

A stranger gave us her 5 prawns and so we got 20 prawns in total. At the end of the session, we proceeded to the BBQ pit area to "settle" our prawns. Everything was provided by the shop and all we needed to do was to lit up the fire.

Overall, the prawning session was great. I really enjoyed it very much. However, the downside was the BBQ session as you need to spent a lot of time and effort to lit up the fire just to BBQ a few prawns. Even so, I will go again. Haha..