Thursday, December 24, 2009

How do i get fat? Part 3: Penang Hawker Food

Kinda busy recently, lazy to update my blog.

Okla, how do i get fat? Needless to say la, Penang is a food paradise/heaven.

A picture is worth a thousand words, see it for yourself.

loh bak

chee cheong fun

tomyam beehun

roti canai tiga rasa

apom telur

yu tao mai

poh piah


jawa mee

yee fu mee

hokkien char

Chinese herbal mee

curry mee

and etc...drooling? come to Penang to eat la.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

No matter...

I came across with this song today and kinda like the melody and the lyrics.

No matter by Angel

Actually i don't know who is the singer so i try to google the song and i found out that this song was never been released commercially but it was in a few dramas. So, I think those TVB drama fans should familiar with this song because they used this song in a few dramas before.

Oh, there is an error in the lyrics. It should be like this:

In the windy day, wind will lead (not leave) your way.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have an announcement to make.

The pregnant cat had given birth to 3 baby cats.

If not mistaken, they are 2 girls and a boy.

They'll be adopted by others when they grow bigger and no longer dependent on their mom.

I feel that the cats are really 好命 (lucky?). They are given with a lot of freedom (not caged) and are fed with good food. See what they eat:

cat biscuits

ocean fish (my dad really sayang them)

That's why we have to give away the baby cats or else my dad will be broke because they eat a lot.

However, they really do their job well. They did catch rats for a few times before.

can u spot the hidden cat? hehe

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How do i get fat? Part 2: Tea Time

Usually, when i'm in KL, i wont have tea time.

Okla, may be i will have some biscuits or fruits for tea time occasionally if i feel hungry.

Here in Penang, gosh...I am 'forced' to have tea time, although not everyday, but quite often.

What i have for tea time??

Papa's homemade Decaffeinated Nescafe.
I thought i wont have any coffee after my exam =.=
but my dad would say: "Let's have some nescafe together, i make for you..."
Luckily, it is decaffeinated. So, palpitation wont strike and i still can sleep after having it.

Oily food: Pisang goreng, ubi goreng, curry puff, kuih, etc....
walao..all fried food.
I dont mind to have them occasionally, but my dad just love them and will buy them when he passes by the stall.
I am forced to eat them because i dont want my dad to eat so much. They are not good for health but my dad just wont listen. Haihhhh...what to do? I cant stop him from buying them so all i can do is to scarify my body to eat them. This is how i get fat.

To be continued....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the CATs

I love small animals.

Dogs? cats? rabbits? hamsters?

I love them all as long as they are pets.

Let me show you the cats in my dad's sundry shop.

Miao Miao (or Meow Meow) the mom

She likes to sneak out secretly to see her boyfriend =.=

Currently, she is pregnant for the 2nd time. Faint!

Mani (or Money, i think Money is more correct) the kid
She got 2 siblings but they are already given away.

She is very naughty and hyperactive.
Like to play with plastic bags.

Cute huh?

Friday, December 11, 2009

How do i get fat? Part 1: The Ice Cream

As we all know, ice cream is a junk food, sweet and creamy, unhealthy food that make us fat.

Yes, i like ice cream. But, i will only have it once in a blue moon. I like to eat ice cream especially when i'm stressed or sad.

My favorite ice cream is Green Tea Ice Cream (from the Legend of Tea)..yummy

My favorite flavor other than green tea is chocolate.

Get back to the main point, how i get fat during this holiday.

Everytime i follow my dad to his sundry shop, he'll ask me to eat ice cream. My reply? No, i don't want...very full and ice cream makes us fat.

Then he finds me not noticing, usually when i'm reading newspaper, he will take 2 ice creams, unwrap them and stand beside me.

Suddenly, dad said: "Nah, take it!"

I looked at him and replied: "I don't want."

Dad: "Unwrapped already, just eat la."

Me: "...."

No choice lo, i have to eat it since he already unwrapped it without asking me want to eat or not. I'm not sure whether he wants to eat it or he wants me to eat. Haha...

I had eaten 3 ice creams in less than a week. This is how i get fat.

How do i get fat? To be continued....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It has been a routine for me to follow my dad to his little sundry shop after dinner almost everyday since i backed from KL.

As usual, i just go there, sit aside playing with the cats or reading newspaper.

About 10.00pm, when the shop was about to close, i saw a woman riding a motorcycle and stopped in front the shop. She came in, approached the counter straight away and asked : "Aunty, dah berapa lama kamu buka kedai ini?"

Curiosity lead me and my dad to approach the counter and see what was wrong.

Aunty: "Setengah tahun."

Woman: " Aunty, semalam kamu salah kira la."

Then she took out a note book and turned to a page where she listed down what she had bought from the shop yesterday and the price of each item. She took the calculator on the table and showed the aunty the total price.

Woman: " kamu kurang kira ini."

I thought she came back to ask for the money that over calculated but turned out to be to return the money that miscalculated yesterday.

Dad: " Wah, kamu sporting ar...orang biasa tak akan pulang balik duit kalau tersalah kira."

Said the woman, as she shopped for some groceries: " Saya juga buat business, saya tau la...buat apa juga ada balasan la...hari ini buat macam ini kepada orang lain, lain hari orang lain juga akan balas balik kepada kamu. Saya tak kisah kalau saya tersalah kira dan customer tak pulangkan duit tetapi bagi saya, orang business, saya tau la, saya akan pulangkan duit la......."

This woman is really honest. I mean she came back to return 60cents that was wrongly calculated the day before. It is really hard to find this kind of people nowadays. Like me for instant, i will return back the uncorrect change if i find out on the spot. If i only find out after i went home, i don't think i'll go back and return the money.

This is what i encountered today. I find it hard to believe and like to share it here. Thanks for reading it.

C'est La Vie...


my first ever serious poem, which was composed and posted in my facebook notes on November 29, 2008. 'Isn't Right' is my 2nd piece.

This is life (C'est la vie)

easy come, easy go,
things always come and go,
sometimes it is hard to let them go,
so we should always learn to let go...

things come before you know,
truth is something you should know,
nothing is impossible to say no,
sometimes we should learn to say no...

time past and go,
we often think what if we never did so,
life is not as easy as u think so,
try not to regret when you grow old...

I wrote a few funny poems for my friends before this one in my facebook but all are crazy was a long time ago. English, malay or mandarin? I have all, even mix language and hokkien also got...I started composing poem after my Langkawi Trip last year. I did not know why suddenly got so much idea at that time. Now? No more idea....

Okla, let's stop here for today...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mon Chéri!

Hoho...finally, no more exam for the rest of this year...

Since i'm so free, let me show you the Ferrero Rondnoir that my sister has posted to me last month...

How is it different from Ferrero Rocher? First, the outer coating is a chocolate crumble, whereas Rocher is coated with crushed nuts. Then inside the wafer shell, it is a little sphere of buttery dark chocolate cream and for Rocher, it is a whole hazelnut surrounded by chocolate hazelnut paste. The taste is quite different as Rondnoir has more chocolate flavor.

Other famous products from Ferrero Group other than these two are Kinder Beuno, Raffaello, Mon Cheri and etc.

My favourite of them all is Mon Cheri. There are two version of Mon Cheri. The American ones are simply a milk chocolate shell over a whole hazelnut surrounded by hazelnut paste and crushed hazelnut. The European version consists of cherry floating in a special liquor and shelled with milk chocolate. The one i like is the American one. Never try the European one as it is not sold in Malaysia.

'Mon Chéri', the name is actually come from French word, Mon Chérie means 'My Dear'. Nice name, isn't it?

But too bad, after 20 years in production, this american version Mon Cheri is discontinued by Ferrero Group. Sob sob :'( ...No wonder i can't find it anywhere, even in Langkawi since last year. No more chance to enjoy it again. Goodbye, Mon Chéri!