Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

One year Old has been 1 year since i started out blogging. Today is the day i turn 1 year old as a blogger.

Happy birthday to Angie the blogger. ^^

My tag line for this blog is ~a place to share, for everything i care~. Yea, this is really a place for me to share. Happy or sad, i just burst out all my emotions here. Not to say all la, but i did show a lot of feelings and thoughts that people might not know what i really think here. Well, may be this is the only place that i can and dare to voice out my feeling.

By the way, exam is around the corner. 10 days to go~~ i guess i'm going gaga again ><

Good luck to GieGie gaga!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Deed

"You don't have to be a doctor to save lives"

30 September 2010 was a special day to me. It's the day that I donated my blood for the first time.

Without any hesitation, I decided to participate immediately when i saw the blood donation campaign advertisement a few days before.

Before donate, i felt excited yet a little bit scared since it was my first time.

Luckily enough, i passed all the requirements like not on medication, enough sleep, normal blood pressure and etc this time. I have missed a few chances previously.

During the process, i could actually feel the blood oozing out after the nurse inserted the needle in and my arm felt a little bit numb after that. Not sure why my blood oozed out quite slow compare to others.

After all, i have donated 350ml of blood. Although, it's not a big amount, i felt that i have accomplished something big. Just simply feel great when thinking that my blood might save a life.

I will definitely do it again next time.

"Give Blood. It is a gift of life"
"If you donate money, you give food! But if you donate blood, you give life!"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quiet moment

Time passes by as quick as a wink, it's end of september now. It means that MLC exam is around the corner.

Having working for more than 3 months, means I'm no longer new. Needless to say, work load increases day by day. On average, i leave company everyday at 8pm and reach home around 9pm after having dinner. Study? Nah, too tired.

In order to on leave and go back hometown without worry, i worked till 10pm++ to clear my outstanding tasks to meet deadline in 2 weeks ago.

And last friday, i worked till 11pm++ for the first time with one of my colleague. Both of us held a big responsibility on checking our system before signing off to use it for real. The whole floor just left us to 2 girls when we left. What an experience huh! The sad part was missing a gathering dinner with my friends.

Count-downing to my exam on 2nd Nov, I just have 37 days left and i got more than 50 chapters in total to cover. Will i able to finish it? Ya, I'm seriously short of time.

I think i'm really tired and stress out.

As you can see that i'm starting to disappear from Facebook and MSN. Also, do not join outing with friends this week. Feeling like hiding myself alone at home and don't feel like talking and going out. I am totally different from normal me who likes to laugh and hang out with friends.

I guess i need some quiet time, to rest properly. I'll be inactive for the moment.

Working and studying at the same time is really tiring. I really need to rejuvenate myself in order to walk further.

Hope that this quiet moment of me will pass through soon and i won't lose myself.

I'll be back, soon!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Green Apple

Green apple always gives people the impression of its sourness. Ya, it's true that we only taste its sourness at first bite, but actually there is a slight sweetness after the sourness. So not much people really remember or realize its sweetness as the sourness is much more stronger.

Don't you think that life is like a green apple? There is always ups and down in our life. Everyone will taste the 'sourness' at some point of time and the only difference is how much or how 'strong' you got. Like green apple, most people just remember the sour part. I agree that those unhappy moments will always be a part of our memories but have you ever think that how can we taste the sweetness if we never taste the sourness or bitterness. Do you agree? Strangely, people usually think of those unhappy part and forget about the 'sweetness' after getting over those 'sourness'.

As for me, i realized a lot of people around me find me feeling happy all the time. May be i always hehe haha and laugh in front of people. I also don't know why i feel happy in front of people all the time. Is that really me? Yes, i always laugh from my heart out without faking it. It's not like i never have a dull moment in my life but frankly i went through quite a lot also. Not to say a lot because others' situation might be far more worst than me. The point is I have tasted the sourness in my life. So what? I just put it behind and move on to taste the sweetness.

So why bring along the sourness all the time and show your sour face to people around you? It's not only make you feel dull but also make people around you to feel unhappy. True? One way to get over the sourness is to be optimistic. Everything that is happened should have a reason behind it. Just look at the bright side and get over it. Don't just stop there and start blaming. You will feel much more happier living that way.

Life is short. I want to enjoy my every moment of life as we will never know what will happen next. So far I am doing great, enjoying my new working life. I really hope i can spread my happiness to people around me.

Life is like a green apple. You can only taste the sweetness after the sourness. Do you agree? Food for thought!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 reasons why i laugh / smile...

1. happy...haha
-needless to say, everyone will laugh when happy

2. awkward..
-i tend to laugh when i'm in an awkward situation

3. shy...
-i smile or laugh to cover my shyness

4. speechless...
-when i got nothing to say...haha
-you will find me "haha" a lot in msn if you realize

5. funny thought...
-sometimes you'll find me laughing before i say anything because there are some funny thoughts in my mind. I cant say it out because i keep on laughing.

6. did something wrong...
-i will laugh if i find myself doing something wrong
-thinking of how stupid i am

7. jokes / find something hilarious
-sometimes i cant stop laughing after seeing or listening to some hilarious stuffs

8. seeing others laugh
-yes, i'll laugh when see people around me laugh. Chain reaction?

9. crazy?
-maybe i'm a little bit crazy. No?

10. simple, because i like to laugh

self-made quote: a laugh a day keep depression away!

Laughter is the best medicine!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lost and Found

No, i did not lose anything. What I mean here is my FUTURE, the path that I choose!

I remembered during my first year in university, I was very confident and sure that I want to be in Actuarial field. So, i fought to major in Actuarial in my second year and i got it.

I took my first external paper for actuary (SOA), Exam P (probability) for the first time during the end of my second year in May 2008, if I am not mistaken. The result was known on the spot and I failed. And that was the wake-up call that this route to be an actuary ain't easy.

So I took it again for the second time in July 2008 (1st sem of 3rd year). Ya, I was very stress because i was really scared of failing this paper again. The result? Passed. Yeah!

Without realizing it, I was already in my 3rd year and I only got 1 paper in my hand. Gosh! Time passes by quickly.

Then, I started to feel lost during my 2nd sem of 3rd year. It was the period when i was looking for a company for internship. I can't find any internship placement in Actuarial Department. Not even a call for interview in Insurance company. Majority of my coursemates also couldn't get into Actuarial department either (maybe M'sia was still not yet recovered from the economy melt-d0wn). I ended up doing internship in Deloittle (Big 4) in Indirect Tax department (not related to my course at all).

Why I felt lost? It was because I finally realized that the demand for Actuary in Malaysia is very low. Also, the exams are so damn tough. I started to question myself. Can I do this? Is it the right route for me? Do I really want this? All sorts of questions popped up in my mind.

Still couldn't figure out what I want, I just followed my coursemates to take the 3rd paper, MFE (Financial Economics) in May 2009. Ya, I skipped the 2nd paper, FM (financial Mathematics) first. Result? Passed. Yeah! I think i was really lucky this time (Studied it in the last minutes).

Passing MFE actually helped me in gaining some confident back. And so, i continued to take FM half year later (end of 1st sem of final year). Yup, i admit, I'm the kind that like to study in last minutes. Hehe...Anyway, the result? Ngam ngam passed only.

In one and a half year time, i suddenly got 3 papers in hand but what's next? I really have no idea.

I decided not to take any external paper during my final sem final year because i wanted to enjoy my last university life to the fullest. Haha. Actually, i was not sure i can get into actuarial field or not.

Come what may, i just let fate decides...

p/s: to be continued...too long already and too tired to continue. i actually used 1 week to finish this post. (>.<)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lizard, a cat's toy?

Have you ever seen a cat playing with a cicak?? Actually cannot say playing, it is torturing to be exact. Haha...

Today, i went to my dad groceries shop to help out. While i sat down and rest, i saw 1 of my dad's cat (2 cats in the shop) carrying something in her mouth. I was curious and i tried to find out what is it. Then i saw something moving on the floor not far from the cat.

OMG! It's a lizard's tail. It, the tail, moved for awhile only stopped. So geli~~

In the cat's mouth is a tail-less cicak. I thought the cicak has dead but no. The cicak still can move when the cat dropped it on the floor.

How the cat tortured the cicak?? Haha..

The cat would drop the cicak on the floor, let it ran away but then caught it back again immediately and held it in her mouth. She repeated it again and again. Naughty cat!! Don't worry, she won't eat it.

And so, i just sat there and watched.

Suddenly, the cicak ran to my direction. In no time, i lifted up my leg quickly and screamed. I was very shock. This was the first time i screamed my heart out because of a lizard. Now only i realized i am really afraid of lizard.

The cat came to rescue. Haha. She jumped and caught it and walked away slowly. So funny. She was having a lot of fun torturing the cicak.

After awhile, the cat walked back carrying the tail-less cicak in her mouth. She dropped the cicak on the floor again and let it ran. I quickly moved away from the cat.

However, the cicak was no longer alive. The cat waited the cicak to run and prepared to catch it. She still had fun playing with it and carrying it around with her mouth eventhough it was dead.

My dad tried to take away the cicak from her but she just won't let go. She loved the cicak so much. Haha...By chance, my dad got the cicak and throwed it away. No toy to play now, she walked slowly to her food and enjoyed it.

The end of the show.

p/s: this cat not only can catch mouse, but also cockroaches, some bugs and lizards. Good job!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My first unemployment day

Omg, it's already 4am. By right, i should sleep soundly in my bed now.

Actually i feel very tired, but don't know why i still don't want to go to bed.

Yesterday was my first day being unemployed officially. What have i done???

The answer is NOTHING. Am i a rice worm? Haha..

Okla, actually i spent my whole day in LRT and bus. Haiz, really wasted a lot of time.

I went out from my PJ house around 10.45am like that. The terminal bus station has temporary moved to Bukit Jalil, so i have to take LRT to there. From Taman Jaya station to Masjid Jamek, then changed to Starline LRT to go Bukit Jalil. I think i spent about 1 hour like that on LRT.

Then, I boarded a 12pm bus to Penang. It's not the bus from the company i usually took. Damn it, it took 6 hours to reach because it did not go to Penang directly but it stopped at other station in Perak first. Usually, it took almost or less than 5 hours to reach. Haiz, and here my whole afternoon was gone. My mood not very good at that time because i was very hungry, but i can't do anything.

It was dinner time when i reached, so my dad brought me to KAYU eat. He and my sis recommended me to eat Tosai Masala (don't know how to spell). Have you try it before? It's actually potatoes like in the curry puff wrapped inside Tosai. The taste not bad, very fulling.

Afterward, we went to Tesco shopping. I saw LAYS potato chips got discount, so i grabbed 1 ...Hehe :). It's very salty, not good for health actually.

Backed home, i watched TV with my sis. We enjoyed our drama session with LAYS potato chips. Then i watched GLEE for the first time, since it is highly recommended by Jenna. GLEE is a musical drama, quite nice to watch.

Then, like usual lo, online session. I tried to explore some companies and dropped my resume and filled in the application. And so, my first unemployment day ended here.

It's time to sleep. -0-

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starry Starry Night Poem

In conjunction with the starry starry night picture that i have drawn, a poem is composed.

Starry starry Night

I can't believe my eyes
Tonight the sky is so so bright
Sparkle and twinkle in the sky
No, it is not the moonlight
And neither the fireflies
Just thousands of star that make up the night.

"Kiss the baby sky"
A perfect song for tonight
Non stop playing on my mind
A cup of green tea makes it a perfect night
Stargazing always leads me on cloud nine
Especially in this starry starry night.

p/s: Ooops, i cant see any star tonight. Composed it based on my drawing and my imagination. LOL

*Starry starry Night*

I love starry night.
When can i see it again?
It's hard to see it in KL.
Where is the best place to see it?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simply too stress

1 day to go, my first final paper :Investment II.

I felt very stress this morning because i still feel blur about the whole subject.

My brain cannot absorb new things anymore i guess. I think I'm old already. Haiz!!

To release some tension, I drew again. And this is today's master piece:

Simply nothing! Just drew what's on my mind. ^^

Monday, April 19, 2010

And Again~~

Exam is around the corner. Meaning, it is study week now.

And, i'm going gaga again. Hehe.

Once again, i'll bombard my blog with all nonsense and crazy post in this period.

It's been quite some time since i last posted my drawing here. *Evil Laugh*

I'm very bad in drawing but i like to draw it sometime just for fun.

This is drawn last month using air brush in 'Paint'

This is the same drawing as above but with the oil painting effect.

Okla, enough for today. More drawing will be coming up but i have no idea what to draw yet.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

LOL ^^

Have some laugh with the cute cow comics:

Have a nice day !! *Wink*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Last Walk

I can't remember how long has it been for me to walk to Institute Science Mathematics (ISM), my faculty from University Tower, my rented house.

I guess it's been about a year. Thanks to my lengzai course mates for fetching us, the girls to class and back home.

I moved out from hostel in second year of my university life. I have always been walk to class with my friends since we just live nearby our university. I think we need about 20 minutes to reach class. We always carry along an umbrella to 'shield' off the hot sun or rain.

Sometimes i would walk alone to class because my friends and I took different course. I would always listen to my MP3 if i walk alone. Also, i would stop by the main library once in awhile to read newspaper or borrow books. I stopped walking alone when Hooi Ling (a.k.a woman) joined me.

Actually, my course mate, Hooi Ling did not need to walk because her boyfriend can fetch her by motorcycle. However, i think because she doesn't want me to walk alone and so she accompanied me to walk. I can say she's really a good friend because she likes to help people around her. I appreciate this friendship a lot.

As we get to know our course mates better, the lesser we need to walk to class. And we officially no need to walk again since our first semester of our final year (July, 2009).

In order to meet with my academic advisor, Dr. Omar Mohd Rijal to sign my report card and a form (to be submitted to the dean office), I WALK to ISM today.

My attempts to meet him have failed for a few times. So i will grab any chance to meet him.

While having my breakfast at around 10.30am, i saw his email to meet him today from 11am-12pm. It's kind of rush and i was thinking of asking someone to fetch me there. Then i finally decided to walk to ISM since it'll be the last time for me.

It was very hot at 11am. Carrying an umbrella and listening to my MP3, i started to walk. About 5 minutes later, i realized i forgot to bring my purse and student card. And so, i walked back. After that, i started to walk again.

I reached there about 11.30am and i was all sweat. It's really hot. So, I wiped away the sweat with tissues and prepared myself to see him.

I was very happy because his room light was on (finally). Knock! knock! No one answered me. Isshhhh! I was very 'pekchek' at that moment. Then i left a message on his door asking him to sms me when he is around. I went to computer lab to online and enjoyed the air-conditional while waiting for him.

By the time we have done with the meeting, the dean office has closed for lunch. So i just walked back home. Then, i passed by library and walked in. It's been a long time since i last stepped in the library. It changed a lot and got better. I went to newspaper section and read The Star. Finished it about an hour later and try to pay for the 20 cents i owed to the library because of returning a book late years ago. But failed because i don't have coins and they also don't have change. Aiksss! Have to go again next time.

Then i started my journey to walk back. But, it started to rain. Luckily it's not that heavy and no wind. Carrying my umbrella, i walked slowly and enjoyed the 'rain walk' while listening to my MP3.

Maybe it looks like a bad day for me but i don't think so. I managed to experience a walk under a hot sun and rain together in today's walk for 1 last time like i used to be.

I think it as a symbol of my ending journey of university life. I am going to start a new chapter of life soon. Hope it'll be a good new beginning for me.

p/s: my post is getting longer and longer. My blog has become my diary recently. Too many thoughts in my mind. I wanna thank Dr. Omar also. I mean it although i felt 'pekchek' awhile. Haha. He is a good person actually.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lazy bum bum

I really felt that i'm getting lazy and lazier.

Do anything also feel lazy.

But the only thing that i'll not feel lazy is go out and have fun.

Maybe i have too much fun in this few months and never study.

I'm going from bad to worst. Gosh!

How how how~~~~

Exam is around the corner. I really should pack up my mood and get started to study.

So i decided to start study tomorrow. Ermmm..i mean today after waking up in the morning.

And i think i should change my life style also. I am like a night owl, sleep in the morning and active at night. Not good! Not good! I know, i know, but i can't help it!

Okla, i will try to change it. Starting from tomorrow, sleep at 12 am and wake up and 7am. Haha.

I think i can't la...haha..just try my best!

Also, i want to exercise more often. I should start swimming again tomorrow. At least 3 times a week.

Okla, hopefully i can achieve it. Jia You to myself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Before the Prom Night

Finally, i've done my assignment and presentation. No more test in UM.

Actually, i should be very free and relax. Get more sleep and wait for our first ever and last highly anticipated prom night to come.

But that is not the case.

I fell extremely tired since saturday (the presentation day). Really exhausted.

What's my job for the prom night?
List and plan out all songs that to be played during our prom night with Kityeng (Jayin).
Songs for registration slot, dinner, dance/game, gift exchange, announcing prom king and queen, songs to be sing together and ending. Most difficult part is to search for song that most people know to be sung together.

Initially, that's my only job for the night but i'm too kaypo. Haha.

Ok, let's see what have i done.

3-4-2010 (Saturday):
I accompanied the cards making group ( Tian Chyr and Hooi Ling) to buy the materials needed after our presentation. The cards will be our door gift for the night. They already got a sample to follow but the materials are too expensive and hard to find. Hence, i gave some suggestions and end up being a member of that groups. LOL. We've spent about 5 to 6 hours that day. Bought a new slipper because cannot stand walking with high heels.

4-4-2010 (Sunday):
I try to design the words to be used in the cards, ie 'Glamorous get Together' and 'autograph' in the afternoon. Then we started to make the cards at 11pm++ and we ended at 4am. I cut the cards till my thumb numbed. Damn tired.

5-4-2010 (Monday):
I had a bad sleep in the previous day. Woke up a few times in the middle and dreamt about something related to the cards but cant remember anymore. LOL. Then Neo brought me and HL to print the words that i've designed in the afternoon. Wrote my profile for the class booklet after that. Discussed the song list with Jayin at night. Don't know started from what time till 3am.

6-4-2010 (Tuesday):
Went to class in the morning. Can't remember what i did in the afternoon. Haha. Oh! i knew already. I went to shopping with Voon and Chee. LOL. Try to list out and arrange the songs that we've chosen in the previous day at night. There is some changes in the schedule, so I asked some opinion from Jayin. She got test on the next day, so i felt really paiseh to disturb her. Slept at around 3.30am that day.

7-4-2010 (Wednesday):
Continued to make our cards at 1pm. Chee came to help today. We did till 5.30pm. Really exhausted. Had a break and went to dinner with course mates. Felt sad because cant join them to watch movie. I got the responsibility to finish up the cards. Went back and started to make cards at 9pm. Voon also came to help out and cooked soup for us as supper. Finally finished the cards at 1am. Felt happy and satisfied. Yeah!

8-4-2010 (Thursday):
Writing this post now. Haha. I'll attend the last lecture in the morning later. It will be my last class in UM. Don't know will go where after that. I think will have dinner with course mates at night.

9-4-2010 (Friday):
OMG! It's the day. Our prom night day. The theme of our night: Glamorous get-together. I think it will be an unforgettable night. *Wink*

Although, I'm really tired after doing all those things for the prom night, i feel very happy because i did contribute something for our class. Feeling really satisfy.

We put a lot of efforts to make the cards. It looks simple but it's not easy to make it. So, I really really hope everyone will like it.^^

Friday, April 2, 2010


Everyone has phobia.

Some is afraid of animals such as cats (Ailurophobia), dogs (Cynophobia), mice (Musophobia) and etc.

Some is afraid of heights (Acrophobia), confined spaces (Claustrophobia)....

Some is afraid of blood (Hemophobia)

Some is afraid of ?????

There are really uncountable types of phobia.

My biggest fear?

OMG, it's public speaking (Glossophobia).

And I'm going to have presentation on saturday.

I never felt so stress because this will be the most formal and serious presentation i ever have.

It's not that i never have a presentation before, but often, the past presentation is not that important.

The importance i meant here is the mark allocation for the assignment.

This time the presentation part holds 65% of the total marks. It's very heavy.

I have been complained that i cant sleep well last few days and i suspect that this is all due to the pricing assignment.

Although it is a group assignment, but i felt really stress doing it because i'm not familiar with the topic.

I really can't sleep well before i completed my part of the assignment as the deadline is approaching. Once i completed my part and saw our assignment is somehow completed, i felt a little bit relief and can only sleep well.

I'm really afraid of public speaking. The symptoms? Palpitation, dry mouth, tense voice and etc.
When i feel nervous, i tend to forget the things that i want to present. Really scary...arghhh!

Help me please!!!

Or maybe wish me good luck...

Some interesting phobias to share here:

What do you call a fear of having a phobia?

What do you call a fear of number 666?
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.....a very very long word...geng!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Zzzzzzzz *I wanna sleep tight* zzzzzzzZ

It has been 3 consecutive days...

I did not have a good sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night for a few times.

As a result, i could not have a deep sleep during night time and would feel tired during day time.

On average, i only slept for less than 6 hours per day this week.

Why why why???

I'm not sure why...

Could it be i am too stress?

But I did not feel stress.

Could it be i feel stress unconsciously?

I have no idea...

Or may be there are too much matters lingering in my mind that I'm trying to avoid thinking about them?

Arhhh! I don't know... Don't want to think about it.

Oh! I know one thing that is really bothering me now is I'm uncertain about my future.

I'm graduating in less than 2 months time.

What have i achieve?? I can't even answer myself.

What kind of job i want? Can i get a good job? Should i stay in KL?



Can i sleep soundly tonight???

Monday, March 22, 2010

when i was a kid

Today, while searching for my birth certificate, i saw some old photos.

Then i can't help to see more. So i took out all the photo albums and tried to recall some childhood memories.

But i found out that i can't remember any. May be i was too small or my brain is really not good. X(

Okla, my purpose of writing this post is to share some of my childhood photos to you.

Hehe ! ^^

1 year old i think (not very sure). Yeng or not?

me and my dad

cute or not? hehe

hoho..that was my favorite dress and slipper

I like this photo...
Cousin, my eldest brother, me and 2nd brother (clockwise from above)

family photo at Kek Lok Shi

My pretty mommy and handsome daddy back then


Me and my little sister ( I was very tanned)

It's fun to see those photos. I'm feeling good. :)

P/S: Too bad i don't have a scanner, so the photos are kinda blur.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My name

I can say 90% of my friends call me Angie.

Like my family members, my close hometown friends call me Gie.

For your info, 'Angie' is in my birth cert and IC. So it is my real name.

My chinese name? I think most of my friends, especially hi-bye friends don't know it.

Ok, if you don't know, my full name is Angie Lim Khai Im, 楷音.

Recently, don't know starting from when, i started to feel that my chinese name is unique and nice.

Originally, my was this , which had been used by me during my kindergarten years.

Then my mum asked me to change to before i went to Standard 1. I'm not sure about the exact reason but it was suggested by a fortune teller.

Both Angie and are given by my dad. He said he gave me a christian name because many people in his workplace used christian name at that time.

U see, :楷,楷,= chinese calligraphy and : 音乐= music. But the funny thing is i did badly in both of them. Haha... Don't know why.

楷音 was used in my Primary school because i felt that having a Christian name is weird as very few kids had one at that time.

I started to use Angie since Form 1 and fewer and fewer friends called me 楷音 since then. And now, i find it weird when people call me 楷音. Haha...

I used to hate my name because it started with A. My class No., Exam candidate No. are always 1 or 0001. I'll be the first one to do running, high jump, long jump and etc. SPM and STPM exam? I sat at the first row first column. Everything started with me. So now, i really don't like to be the first one to do anything. *phobia* haha..just kidding!

Naming a baby is not an easy task. I think i should thank my dad for giving me a nice unique and rare name.

Thank you, daddy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life is vulnerable....Treasure your life...

R.I.P uncle....

I woke up today with a sms on my phone. It was from my sister.

"Uncle passed away d"

I didn't feel shock but just feel sad because i have ready to receive such news.

Actually, I have received some bad news about my uncle 5 days ago.

He was hospitalized because he......

An unwise and silly decision.

Yes, his life had been chaotic and yet everyone had always helped him out no matter what.

I still remembered i accompanied my dad shopping the day before CNY to buy new clothes for him. My dad even gave him money to buy a pair of new sports shoes. He was very happy after he bought a pair of NIKE shoes and showed it to my dad.

I was so shocked that day till i can't concentrate on my study even though i had test the next day.

He was in coma for a few days. I think everyone had calm down in these few days and prepared for the worst.

Well, life is hard and complicated. There are always ups and downs in our life.

Sometimes, it's not easy to overcome the hardship but there is always a way to get through it. All we need is time and patience.

Running away is a bad option that will just make our love ones hurt more.

Life is vulnerable. Treasure every moment you have in your life. Live life to the fullest without regrets.

Friday, February 26, 2010


It has been quite some time since i updated my last post. CNY is going to end in a few days time but i felt that it has ended yesterday. Yesterday will be my last CNY day to receive ang pau and gamble. I really had enjoyed this year's CNY especially with my hometown buddies and course mates.

Tests and assignments' deadline are approaching. Next few weeks will be very hectic. I guess i need to pack up my holiday mood and start working hard. Sigh, really don't have the mood to study.

I felt very tired and down after class today. I don't know why...

It was like a lot of things come up in my mind but actually i don't know what am i thinking...but very emotional and heart-aching...arhhh..

Okla, let's listen to the song of the day. This song is kinda suit my feeling now...

寂寞光年 by 刘力扬

This song got another version called 礼物. It is actually the same song with same melody but with different lyrics.
But i like 寂寞光年's lyrics more.

Ok, it's time to face the reality.... :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hopeless Wishes

oh boy, why i feel so homeless?
our bonds are slowly broken and chainless;

really feel so helpless, i'm so helpless,
seems like we have drifted further and further, it's so remoteness;

I am still that much useless, so useless,
nothing i can do to line up the broken pieces;

thought that i was already emotionless,
after all the tear drops and sadness;

again and again i can still taste the bitterness,
it is killing me and no, i'm not painless;

sometimes i feel so lifeless, so lifeless,
no one to turn to and the loneliness;

can i not to feel so hopeless? it's so hopeless...
can i runaway from all the messes?

all i want is togetherness, only togetherness,
and this will be my biggest wishes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


____@@@@ _@@@________@@@_ @@@@
__@@@@@@/| ..|\________/|.. |\@@@@@@
_@@@@@@@(_ _ )____ ___( _ _)@@@@@@@
__@@@@@@__^___________^ _ @@@@@@
___@@@@@__________________ _@@@@@
___// \\ || \\________________ __ //_\\ || \\

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


_ _______( _)
*/|_@ __| ..|___mooo...
^ |__@_( o o)_ _ @_
^_ //||_||\\__ __\|/

Am i pretty???

Recently, some of my friends told me that I am quite pretty... *blush blush*

I know, i know, please don't vomit....haha

The question is, am i really pretty? I doubt myself..

I never thought that pretty, this word can be described on me..haha..really...

I often heard people said i'm cute but not pretty...

Also, if you notice, i often say myself cute, but never say pretty. Not like Hooi Ling (a.k.a woman), she always says: "i too pretty liao" haha...

In my view, those girls that know how to wear pretty pretty, have nicely done hair, know how to make up and etc are categorized as pretty girls.

But me? Always wear t-shirt and jeans, like to play around like crazy people, lazy and don't know how to make up and etc, totally opposite of those pretty girls in my mind..

That's why i doubt myself...

p/s: why i suddenly ask this kind of stupid question? 4 days without class, too boring at home...Sien till sot jor!

Monday, January 18, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 8

Part 8: At the canteen
In my view:
Type A: tends to think a lot
Type B: disinterested
Type O: always curious..can say kaypo bah
Type AB: weird?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 7

Part 7: Characteristic
Type A: Stingy, petty, selfish, hatred

Type B: Indifference, disinterest

Type O: Curious, competitive, (sigh)

Type AB: Unpredictable...Different kind? Naive?

Friday, January 15, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 6

Part 6: Meeting at 3 o'clock
(I personally feel that this is quite accurately to me for my blood type)

Another version:
Type O always late?
But Type B is ....?? Worse!!