Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today Special (29/1/2011) - Pampered: Ice Cream

It's time to pamper myself~

Yup, i'm enjoying my day off.

Guess what flavor it is?

Nah, it's chocolate matcha. It's green tea + Chocolate, mix.

I thought it will be 2 different scoops when i ordered. But... haha, unexpected.

Quite nice because it's not too sweet..yum yum!

I always like Kindori ice cream because they only make the ice cream upon order. So it's fresh.

Check out their website:

P/s: i ate 2 spoons already only remember to take photo, so the shape looks a bit weird in the photo. haha..

Friday, January 28, 2011

Holiday Mood

Today is my last working day in year of Tiger. I'm going to have long CNY holiday start from tomorrow. ^^

Needless to say, works piled up as i was away for training for 2 days. I really felt stress and scared to read my emails. ><>

Since i cant finish them, i told myself to focus on my own task, which i must get it done before going on leave, and just ignore others. Learn to let go~ Fong shau, fong hoi sor yau....

And i did it, I reached home before the sky turn dark. ^^ Damn damn damn happy!

Oh ya, first time book bus ticket online (they just updated their website). Not only can avoid the hassle at the counter but also cheaper. 10% discount for online purchase! Hehe ^^

Actually i don't have any CNY mood but i'm glad that i can have a long holiday and i can go back to be with my family.

Happy Rabbit Year in advance! ^^

Thursday, January 27, 2011

OT - Goosebumps?

I went for training these 2 days. Full time, from 9am - 5pm. The training was internal but the location was in different building.

Well nothing special actually. However, i did experience something, errr....something different ><.

Here's the story:

After the first day training ended, i went back to office to work. Actually can go home directly but sigh, too many things to be done before CNY holidays.

Around 8pm, my housemate asked me want to go back or not. I hesitated for awhile and decided to go back earlier.

After dinner and on the way home, i came to realize that my big boss is going on leave starting from friday. Shit! I got some urgent thing that need him to review and sign but not yet done.

Then i rushed back to office to do. Sigh, it took a lot more time than i thought it should be.

Work, work, work. Till 12am, everyone on that floor left already and i was alone again.

Out of no where, an alarm started to ring. Don't know whose. Gosh, really. Luckily, my colleague told me about this before, else i'll be really really shocked.

Ya, it was late already. I quickly finished off the part that i did half way and went back.

It was 12.15am when i left. Walked to the lift and found the up button was pressed. Don't care la, i just pressed down button and it opened immediately. Eh, why the light of up button still on? Hmm...

I went in and pressed G. The lift stopped at 7th floor and opened. No one. Ok. It stopped again at 6th floor. This time the lift opened half only and closed. Oh dear, it's getting creepier. Okkk...Let's continue, it stopped at 4th floor again. Wah, this time it is really scared the hell out of me. My heart was almost jumped out. The light on that floor was off and it was all dark when the lift opened. Damn eerie! I quickly pressed close button, went down and left the building.

I'll think twice next time if i need to stay that late again.

p/s: Opps, the topic is not related to the picture at all.

Today Special (25/1/2011) - Fortune Cookie

Got a fortune cookie from my big boss today. The message i got is "You have a friendly heart and are well admired" and he said it is true for me. LOL ^^

Well, what do you think?

Anyway, all the messages written are usually general and suited everyone.

It's just for fun!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ya, I know. I know most of my posts were emo and down but i cant help it. And yet, this will be another moody post again. Please allow me to release it here ><

I admit that i'm kinda moody recently. It is quite serious as the level of emo-ness goes to the point that i can't control my feeling. Exploding, period.

I seldom get so moody or simply show my moodiness to people around me. But not for this time, "bad mood" is clearly written on face because someone told be that my face is really "black". I think some others might not dare to tell me. Haha..


Thinking of all the issue,work load and timeline, i'm really stress out. I am really exhausted, mentally.

You know what, my working hours per week is more than the total no of hour i slept per week. Not only work till very late every day, but i need to go back to work on weekend and public holiday. And, i broke my own OT record last friday by working till 1.20am. Although i'm the last one to leave, i don't even feel scared as i was too focus on work.

You may say a lot of people is just like me, but i have reached my limit.

I really felt upset last sunday because i couldn't bring my sister out that day. She purposely came from so far to find me, to hang out and see me. I felt so bad to take her to office as she didn't want to go out or stay home alone. :( I'm really really sorry.

My life is seriously imbalance. Where is my life? AmLife (my company) ><

I know it reaches my limit, so i decided not to go to office this weekend no matter what. There is a saying "To rest is to prepare for a longer journey".

Resting my mind over the weekend and preparing to fight again on Monday! Fighting!

p/s: Photo was taken in last year Oct, too bored while studying. Haha...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

GoodBye 2010

I am writing today to reflect and review myself and everything over the year that has just past. I felt that year 2010 passed through extremely fast, as quick as a wink.

Thinking back at the events and things that had happened over the year, Year 2010 is a special year for me.

Firstly, year 2010 is year of tiger. Meaning, i have lived for 2 cycles. Actually, this one is not important, just want to elongate my post. Haha..

Back to the point, I have a lot of first time last year. First time visited to my coursemates' house during CNY, first time and also our last time had our course night, travelled out of country with coursemates for the first time, don't care of my grade for the first time during final exam, have my first permanent job, bought my own first car, drove back from penang to KL alone for the first time, christmas eve countdown with colleagues for the first time and etc. I believed there are more that i can't remember.

I am glad that i have a bunch for good friends around me. I have known my Penang Gang for more than 10years. Although we seldom meet and chat, i can feel that our bond is still there. We will meet up to update ourselves every time i go back Penang. I'm very happy to hear that one of them is going to marry this year. Congratulations, Lao Yang!
As for me in KL, I have another gang, which is my uni friends, my coursemates. Through thin and thick, all the trips and activities, our bonds grew stronger. We like to 'chap bao fuk' and stay in a house, drink and chit chat all night long. Glad to know all of you! Thanks..

Turning Point.
I just graduated and have my first job last year. It was the biggest turning point in my life. I got to step out of comfort zone, prepared and exposed myself to this cruel corporate world. Before my job interview, a friend of mine (he claimed that he is my best friend) said something to me that i'll always remember. He said " in order to succeed, you need to be more confident, have self-confidence". And yea, he was right, i am always a person who is lack of confident. I am learning to trust myself and build my self-confidence slowly from that time onwards.

Luckily for me, I got the job i want in my first interview. I feel bless that I meet with a lot of nice people at work. Although i complained a lot about my jobs sometimes, i can say that i am happy to work there because of the nice boss and colleagues i have. The sad part is, i always work late till i feel that i lost my life sometimes. New year resolution? Work, Life balance. Like one of my colleague, Vim said "New Year Resolution: Go home by 7pm or earlier everyday". Haha..Also my target this year.

The queue is long. If you are interested, please take your number. Lol, just kidding...
Hmm...Not going to talk about it. All i can say is my status is still the same. Haha..
Might change this year? Who knows?

Okla, i guess that's all that i can think about me in 2010. The post is kinda long already.

Happy New Year! Wish everyone has a great year ahead.