Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My First Marathon ~ 11/11/12

Great Eastern Women Run 11/11/12
On Nov 11, 2012, I ran a 10KM marathon in Singapore. It was my "virgin" marathon...haha..I regretted not having training before the run. It was difficult during the run but I felt good when reaching the finish line. Well, my record was 1.28.09. Not bad for first timer right? *self-console* (cough cough). I think I will continue to join more run next year. Finger crossed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Prawning ~ 29/9/2012

Prawning @ Hai Bin, Bishan
It was another boring weekend. My friends and myself decided to do something fun to "kill" our time. And as you can see from the picture, we went for "prawning" at Hai Bin, Bishan.

If catch fishes = FISHING, then catch prawns = PRAWNING??! ...

We took the 3 hours session which cost S$ 30 per person. Oh, and we bought a box of "cacing" (earth worm), which cost S$1, as our bait.

3 of us did not catch many prawns that day. But still, I was the prawning queen among us. Out of the 15 prawns we caught, around 9 prawns were caught by me...*clap clap* One of my friend caught only 1. wtf..haha..Actually it's not as easy as you think as the prawns got away easily after eating your bait.

A stranger gave us her 5 prawns and so we got 20 prawns in total. At the end of the session, we proceeded to the BBQ pit area to "settle" our prawns. Everything was provided by the shop and all we needed to do was to lit up the fire.

Overall, the prawning session was great. I really enjoyed it very much. However, the downside was the BBQ session as you need to spent a lot of time and effort to lit up the fire just to BBQ a few prawns. Even so, I will go again. Haha..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

a PhoTo a DaY ~ 11/4/2012

Suddenly got the feeling to blog...3 posts in a roll...Can't stop posting...haha...

Memories!! I found this photo while packing up my stuffs. I got a lot of junks...oh god...Back to the photo, it was taken during my graduation trip in Bali. I enjoyed the water rafting so much. Our guide (standing at the back), called himself Leonardo De Cappuccino, was so funny and playful. This photo really made me smile even though I was having headache and was tired of packing up when I found the photo.

a PhoTo a DaY ~ 10/4/2012

A Picture says a thousand words. I always have this concept on my mind to post some interesting or new things that I have experience in my everyday's life in photo/picture but not manage to do it. May be I shall start slowly by back dating it..hehe..

New Chicken Muffin!! It was the last McDonalds' Breakfast I had before leaving Kuala Lumpur. McD was having promotion for launching of this new burger and it was only cost RM 2 or 2.50. Hmm..can't remember. Taste good...mmmm..~Ta da da da da, I'm loving it~

New Place New Life..New journey Started

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. My last post had an unfinished ending about my little surgery experience. I did drafted the part 2 but not managed to finish it. Lots of things happened and changed at that period of time. Ya, I was busy.

Well, since I have totally forgot about my feeling at that moment I decided to abandon it. Haha...Whatever, not many people is reading or concern anyway. I wrote to jot down the pieces of my life so that i can remember it.

Oh ya, I have changed job and relocated to Singapore, since mid of April. That's the beginning of my new journey. *Clap clap* * Jumping Up and Down* I remembered, I was excited and nervous at the same time, when moved to the Lion City. Roar~

Relocating to other country should be hard but I am too lucky to have quite a number of friends there. They made me feel warm staying in this new environment by welcoming me, treating me meals and helping me when I need.

Ok, I have now settled my foot down in this new area. I can continue blogging again. (psss, when I am not lazy). Hehe..Stay tune *wink* >.=

Friday, March 23, 2012

My first surgery experience (Part 1)

Fret not! Don't be scared by the word 'surgery', it's just a minor surgery but it is still a surgery. What am I trying to say? *Cough Cough* haha...

Ok, let's get serious. Here's the story:

I just had a minor surgery to remove a cyst 2 days ago (Wed). If you don't know what is a cyst, kindly refer to the article below. Lazy to explain, haha.

I know, you wanna ask where did I operated or where is the cyst grown, right?
Ermm, a bit to share to tell, it is at my buttock cheek, the butt area where it comprises of mostly fat. Guess what? When my housemate (a guy) asked, I actually told him that it is at a private part but it is not the part he thinks. He was so fed up with my reply. Lol...just kidding. Well, you can't blame me with the weird answer I gave as I am too shy to tell.

Ok, let's continue with the history of this cyst. I actually found a small hard lump in my butt cheek quite sometime ago. It is at a place where I got accidentally knocked. I just ignored it because I thought it was a bruise that will go away after sometime but it never did. I did not take it seriously because I did not feel uncomfortable. However, I felt a little uneasy lately. It felt like the pain you got due to bruise. I tried to message it as if it is a bruise but it just won't go away. I also felt that it had grown bigger and it turned more and more red.

So what I did then? I went Google for the symptoms. Haha..Google is man's best encyclopaedia. I suspected it was a cyst and I went to see Doctor the next day. My assumption was right.

I went to the medical centre besides my office around 10am ++ with just my name tag and mobile phone, thought that not that serious. The first Doctor told me that a surgery might be needed to remove it and referred me to a surgeon. Before I can do the surgery, Doc said I need to get a guarantee letter from the HR since it was covered by the company.

While waiting for the surgeon, I got to know from my colleague that a few days are needed for HR to issue the letter. So, I thought: Oh, I will be operated a few days later if needed.

I managed to see the surgeon after a long waiting and he confirmed that surgery is necessary. Well, since as expected, I calmly told the surgeon I need to a few days to get the guarantee letter before hand. The surgeon then said he can do it that evening or next morning. Once again, I told him I can't without the letter and I will come back to do it a few days later. While writing something on a paper, the surgeon said that's why I am writing a letter now and you have to remove the cyst soon else it grows bigger day by day. He assured that the nurses will take care of everything for me.

Confused and thought: Ok, maybe I'll come back in the evening and I can go lunch with my colleagues first. I text-ed my colleagues and asked them to wait for me to have lunch. A few minutes later, the nurses called my name and asked a few details. After that she said: "Done, you can admit now, please sign the in-patient admission form. There are only 4-bedded rooms left now."

Shocked! I said: "Huh? now? Can I go back and take something first?"
Nurse: "No. 4 bedded room ok? There is no other room left. Please sign the form."
I signed and asked again: "Can I go back for awhile?"
Nurse: "You can ask your family to pack for you."
Me: "........"

 To be continue....
Taken after the surgery

Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, as usual I don't have any new year resolution as I can hardly meet the targets. However, I had set myself some targets this year.

Since I am in Actuarial field, I can't escape from study and exam until I become a qualified Actuary. It's sad to say that I am far behind my colleagues not only in term of papers but also salary. Actually, my only concern is $$$, haha... No kidding, how do you feel when you work as hard as others and OT more then the rest but your pay is ridiculously lower than the others due to less paper you have? Yup, I have been wasting 1 year silly-ly for work without any return. It's a wake-up call for me.

So, my only goal this year is to pass as many exams as I can. My targets are:
1) Finish FAP modules (at least until IA)
2) Pass MLC (hopefully and praying hard i can pass the May's paper)
3) Pass C (a bit hard to pass by this year but no harm trying)

Oh exam exam exam, I hate exams. $$$, you are my motivation. Fighting!