Monday, March 29, 2010

Zzzzzzzz *I wanna sleep tight* zzzzzzzZ

It has been 3 consecutive days...

I did not have a good sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night for a few times.

As a result, i could not have a deep sleep during night time and would feel tired during day time.

On average, i only slept for less than 6 hours per day this week.

Why why why???

I'm not sure why...

Could it be i am too stress?

But I did not feel stress.

Could it be i feel stress unconsciously?

I have no idea...

Or may be there are too much matters lingering in my mind that I'm trying to avoid thinking about them?

Arhhh! I don't know... Don't want to think about it.

Oh! I know one thing that is really bothering me now is I'm uncertain about my future.

I'm graduating in less than 2 months time.

What have i achieve?? I can't even answer myself.

What kind of job i want? Can i get a good job? Should i stay in KL?



Can i sleep soundly tonight???

Monday, March 22, 2010

when i was a kid

Today, while searching for my birth certificate, i saw some old photos.

Then i can't help to see more. So i took out all the photo albums and tried to recall some childhood memories.

But i found out that i can't remember any. May be i was too small or my brain is really not good. X(

Okla, my purpose of writing this post is to share some of my childhood photos to you.

Hehe ! ^^

1 year old i think (not very sure). Yeng or not?

me and my dad

cute or not? hehe

hoho..that was my favorite dress and slipper

I like this photo...
Cousin, my eldest brother, me and 2nd brother (clockwise from above)

family photo at Kek Lok Shi

My pretty mommy and handsome daddy back then


Me and my little sister ( I was very tanned)

It's fun to see those photos. I'm feeling good. :)

P/S: Too bad i don't have a scanner, so the photos are kinda blur.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My name

I can say 90% of my friends call me Angie.

Like my family members, my close hometown friends call me Gie.

For your info, 'Angie' is in my birth cert and IC. So it is my real name.

My chinese name? I think most of my friends, especially hi-bye friends don't know it.

Ok, if you don't know, my full name is Angie Lim Khai Im, 楷音.

Recently, don't know starting from when, i started to feel that my chinese name is unique and nice.

Originally, my was this , which had been used by me during my kindergarten years.

Then my mum asked me to change to before i went to Standard 1. I'm not sure about the exact reason but it was suggested by a fortune teller.

Both Angie and are given by my dad. He said he gave me a christian name because many people in his workplace used christian name at that time.

U see, :楷,楷,= chinese calligraphy and : 音乐= music. But the funny thing is i did badly in both of them. Haha... Don't know why.

楷音 was used in my Primary school because i felt that having a Christian name is weird as very few kids had one at that time.

I started to use Angie since Form 1 and fewer and fewer friends called me 楷音 since then. And now, i find it weird when people call me 楷音. Haha...

I used to hate my name because it started with A. My class No., Exam candidate No. are always 1 or 0001. I'll be the first one to do running, high jump, long jump and etc. SPM and STPM exam? I sat at the first row first column. Everything started with me. So now, i really don't like to be the first one to do anything. *phobia* haha..just kidding!

Naming a baby is not an easy task. I think i should thank my dad for giving me a nice unique and rare name.

Thank you, daddy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life is vulnerable....Treasure your life...

R.I.P uncle....

I woke up today with a sms on my phone. It was from my sister.

"Uncle passed away d"

I didn't feel shock but just feel sad because i have ready to receive such news.

Actually, I have received some bad news about my uncle 5 days ago.

He was hospitalized because he......

An unwise and silly decision.

Yes, his life had been chaotic and yet everyone had always helped him out no matter what.

I still remembered i accompanied my dad shopping the day before CNY to buy new clothes for him. My dad even gave him money to buy a pair of new sports shoes. He was very happy after he bought a pair of NIKE shoes and showed it to my dad.

I was so shocked that day till i can't concentrate on my study even though i had test the next day.

He was in coma for a few days. I think everyone had calm down in these few days and prepared for the worst.

Well, life is hard and complicated. There are always ups and downs in our life.

Sometimes, it's not easy to overcome the hardship but there is always a way to get through it. All we need is time and patience.

Running away is a bad option that will just make our love ones hurt more.

Life is vulnerable. Treasure every moment you have in your life. Live life to the fullest without regrets.