Monday, January 25, 2010

Hopeless Wishes

oh boy, why i feel so homeless?
our bonds are slowly broken and chainless;

really feel so helpless, i'm so helpless,
seems like we have drifted further and further, it's so remoteness;

I am still that much useless, so useless,
nothing i can do to line up the broken pieces;

thought that i was already emotionless,
after all the tear drops and sadness;

again and again i can still taste the bitterness,
it is killing me and no, i'm not painless;

sometimes i feel so lifeless, so lifeless,
no one to turn to and the loneliness;

can i not to feel so hopeless? it's so hopeless...
can i runaway from all the messes?

all i want is togetherness, only togetherness,
and this will be my biggest wishes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


____@@@@ _@@@________@@@_ @@@@
__@@@@@@/| ..|\________/|.. |\@@@@@@
_@@@@@@@(_ _ )____ ___( _ _)@@@@@@@
__@@@@@@__^___________^ _ @@@@@@
___@@@@@__________________ _@@@@@
___// \\ || \\________________ __ //_\\ || \\

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


_ _______( _)
*/|_@ __| ..|___mooo...
^ |__@_( o o)_ _ @_
^_ //||_||\\__ __\|/

Am i pretty???

Recently, some of my friends told me that I am quite pretty... *blush blush*

I know, i know, please don't vomit....haha

The question is, am i really pretty? I doubt myself..

I never thought that pretty, this word can be described on me..haha..really...

I often heard people said i'm cute but not pretty...

Also, if you notice, i often say myself cute, but never say pretty. Not like Hooi Ling (a.k.a woman), she always says: "i too pretty liao" haha...

In my view, those girls that know how to wear pretty pretty, have nicely done hair, know how to make up and etc are categorized as pretty girls.

But me? Always wear t-shirt and jeans, like to play around like crazy people, lazy and don't know how to make up and etc, totally opposite of those pretty girls in my mind..

That's why i doubt myself...

p/s: why i suddenly ask this kind of stupid question? 4 days without class, too boring at home...Sien till sot jor!

Monday, January 18, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 8

Part 8: At the canteen
In my view:
Type A: tends to think a lot
Type B: disinterested
Type O: always curious..can say kaypo bah
Type AB: weird?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 7

Part 7: Characteristic
Type A: Stingy, petty, selfish, hatred

Type B: Indifference, disinterest

Type O: Curious, competitive, (sigh)

Type AB: Unpredictable...Different kind? Naive?

Friday, January 15, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 6

Part 6: Meeting at 3 o'clock
(I personally feel that this is quite accurately to me for my blood type)

Another version:
Type O always late?
But Type B is ....?? Worse!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 5

Part 5: Rules
When the kindergarten kids are told not to cross the line, what will happen?

Type A: Never cross the line (obedient)

Type B: Cross the line immediately (rules breaker)

Type O: Cross the line when the teacher is not around (break the rule secretly)

Type AB: Complain to the teacher when she come back (Spy)

When they are together?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 4

Part 4: Driving
Type A: Perfectionist, Over confidence

Type B: Easily distracted (distracted by the leng zhai/leng lui on the road)

Type O: Afraid of boring (lack of patient while driving)

Type AB: Afraid will fall asleep while driving

When they are together in a car?
(This is a finding from an insurance company)

Monday, January 11, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 3

Part 3: Orders
Order: Hang the picture on the wall
Type A: Sweat
Measure carefully
Afraid (more sweat)
Hahh.. relieve finally
Type B: ~lalalala~
Nevermind, as long as it was done
Type O: Rest first, later only do it.
Type AB: Smear the picture and run away =.=!!

What's your blood type? Part 2

Part 2: Space

Different blood types has different favourite space. Let's see.

Type A: Beside wall
Type B: Center
Type O: No particular space. Like to walk around.
Type AB: Corner

What will happen if they all are put in an empty room?
LOL...that's funny!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's your blood type? Part 1

People with different blood type have different characteristic.

Let's see the comic below, does it truly describe the characteristic of all blood type?

Part 1: Before Exam
Type A: Concentrate well. Always prepare well before hand, won't wait till last minute. Gain confident through hard-work.
Type B: Like to choose subject to study. Always start from the most hated subject.
Type O: Will wait until last minute only can concentrate well.
Type AB: Cannot burn midnight oil.

What will happen if they all study together?
More blood type comic to come....