Thursday, June 21, 2012

a PhoTo a DaY ~ 11/4/2012

Suddenly got the feeling to blog...3 posts in a roll...Can't stop posting...haha...

Memories!! I found this photo while packing up my stuffs. I got a lot of junks...oh god...Back to the photo, it was taken during my graduation trip in Bali. I enjoyed the water rafting so much. Our guide (standing at the back), called himself Leonardo De Cappuccino, was so funny and playful. This photo really made me smile even though I was having headache and was tired of packing up when I found the photo.

a PhoTo a DaY ~ 10/4/2012

A Picture says a thousand words. I always have this concept on my mind to post some interesting or new things that I have experience in my everyday's life in photo/picture but not manage to do it. May be I shall start slowly by back dating it..hehe..

New Chicken Muffin!! It was the last McDonalds' Breakfast I had before leaving Kuala Lumpur. McD was having promotion for launching of this new burger and it was only cost RM 2 or 2.50. Hmm..can't remember. Taste good...mmmm..~Ta da da da da, I'm loving it~

New Place New Life..New journey Started

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. My last post had an unfinished ending about my little surgery experience. I did drafted the part 2 but not managed to finish it. Lots of things happened and changed at that period of time. Ya, I was busy.

Well, since I have totally forgot about my feeling at that moment I decided to abandon it. Haha...Whatever, not many people is reading or concern anyway. I wrote to jot down the pieces of my life so that i can remember it.

Oh ya, I have changed job and relocated to Singapore, since mid of April. That's the beginning of my new journey. *Clap clap* * Jumping Up and Down* I remembered, I was excited and nervous at the same time, when moved to the Lion City. Roar~

Relocating to other country should be hard but I am too lucky to have quite a number of friends there. They made me feel warm staying in this new environment by welcoming me, treating me meals and helping me when I need.

Ok, I have now settled my foot down in this new area. I can continue blogging again. (psss, when I am not lazy). Hehe..Stay tune *wink* >.=