Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starry Starry Night Poem

In conjunction with the starry starry night picture that i have drawn, a poem is composed.

Starry starry Night

I can't believe my eyes
Tonight the sky is so so bright
Sparkle and twinkle in the sky
No, it is not the moonlight
And neither the fireflies
Just thousands of star that make up the night.

"Kiss the baby sky"
A perfect song for tonight
Non stop playing on my mind
A cup of green tea makes it a perfect night
Stargazing always leads me on cloud nine
Especially in this starry starry night.

p/s: Ooops, i cant see any star tonight. Composed it based on my drawing and my imagination. LOL

*Starry starry Night*

I love starry night.
When can i see it again?
It's hard to see it in KL.
Where is the best place to see it?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simply too stress

1 day to go, my first final paper :Investment II.

I felt very stress this morning because i still feel blur about the whole subject.

My brain cannot absorb new things anymore i guess. I think I'm old already. Haiz!!

To release some tension, I drew again. And this is today's master piece:

Simply nothing! Just drew what's on my mind. ^^

Monday, April 19, 2010

And Again~~

Exam is around the corner. Meaning, it is study week now.

And, i'm going gaga again. Hehe.

Once again, i'll bombard my blog with all nonsense and crazy post in this period.

It's been quite some time since i last posted my drawing here. *Evil Laugh*

I'm very bad in drawing but i like to draw it sometime just for fun.

This is drawn last month using air brush in 'Paint'

This is the same drawing as above but with the oil painting effect.

Okla, enough for today. More drawing will be coming up but i have no idea what to draw yet.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

LOL ^^

Have some laugh with the cute cow comics:

Have a nice day !! *Wink*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Last Walk

I can't remember how long has it been for me to walk to Institute Science Mathematics (ISM), my faculty from University Tower, my rented house.

I guess it's been about a year. Thanks to my lengzai course mates for fetching us, the girls to class and back home.

I moved out from hostel in second year of my university life. I have always been walk to class with my friends since we just live nearby our university. I think we need about 20 minutes to reach class. We always carry along an umbrella to 'shield' off the hot sun or rain.

Sometimes i would walk alone to class because my friends and I took different course. I would always listen to my MP3 if i walk alone. Also, i would stop by the main library once in awhile to read newspaper or borrow books. I stopped walking alone when Hooi Ling (a.k.a woman) joined me.

Actually, my course mate, Hooi Ling did not need to walk because her boyfriend can fetch her by motorcycle. However, i think because she doesn't want me to walk alone and so she accompanied me to walk. I can say she's really a good friend because she likes to help people around her. I appreciate this friendship a lot.

As we get to know our course mates better, the lesser we need to walk to class. And we officially no need to walk again since our first semester of our final year (July, 2009).

In order to meet with my academic advisor, Dr. Omar Mohd Rijal to sign my report card and a form (to be submitted to the dean office), I WALK to ISM today.

My attempts to meet him have failed for a few times. So i will grab any chance to meet him.

While having my breakfast at around 10.30am, i saw his email to meet him today from 11am-12pm. It's kind of rush and i was thinking of asking someone to fetch me there. Then i finally decided to walk to ISM since it'll be the last time for me.

It was very hot at 11am. Carrying an umbrella and listening to my MP3, i started to walk. About 5 minutes later, i realized i forgot to bring my purse and student card. And so, i walked back. After that, i started to walk again.

I reached there about 11.30am and i was all sweat. It's really hot. So, I wiped away the sweat with tissues and prepared myself to see him.

I was very happy because his room light was on (finally). Knock! knock! No one answered me. Isshhhh! I was very 'pekchek' at that moment. Then i left a message on his door asking him to sms me when he is around. I went to computer lab to online and enjoyed the air-conditional while waiting for him.

By the time we have done with the meeting, the dean office has closed for lunch. So i just walked back home. Then, i passed by library and walked in. It's been a long time since i last stepped in the library. It changed a lot and got better. I went to newspaper section and read The Star. Finished it about an hour later and try to pay for the 20 cents i owed to the library because of returning a book late years ago. But failed because i don't have coins and they also don't have change. Aiksss! Have to go again next time.

Then i started my journey to walk back. But, it started to rain. Luckily it's not that heavy and no wind. Carrying my umbrella, i walked slowly and enjoyed the 'rain walk' while listening to my MP3.

Maybe it looks like a bad day for me but i don't think so. I managed to experience a walk under a hot sun and rain together in today's walk for 1 last time like i used to be.

I think it as a symbol of my ending journey of university life. I am going to start a new chapter of life soon. Hope it'll be a good new beginning for me.

p/s: my post is getting longer and longer. My blog has become my diary recently. Too many thoughts in my mind. I wanna thank Dr. Omar also. I mean it although i felt 'pekchek' awhile. Haha. He is a good person actually.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lazy bum bum

I really felt that i'm getting lazy and lazier.

Do anything also feel lazy.

But the only thing that i'll not feel lazy is go out and have fun.

Maybe i have too much fun in this few months and never study.

I'm going from bad to worst. Gosh!

How how how~~~~

Exam is around the corner. I really should pack up my mood and get started to study.

So i decided to start study tomorrow. Ermmm..i mean today after waking up in the morning.

And i think i should change my life style also. I am like a night owl, sleep in the morning and active at night. Not good! Not good! I know, i know, but i can't help it!

Okla, i will try to change it. Starting from tomorrow, sleep at 12 am and wake up and 7am. Haha.

I think i can't la...haha..just try my best!

Also, i want to exercise more often. I should start swimming again tomorrow. At least 3 times a week.

Okla, hopefully i can achieve it. Jia You to myself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Before the Prom Night

Finally, i've done my assignment and presentation. No more test in UM.

Actually, i should be very free and relax. Get more sleep and wait for our first ever and last highly anticipated prom night to come.

But that is not the case.

I fell extremely tired since saturday (the presentation day). Really exhausted.

What's my job for the prom night?
List and plan out all songs that to be played during our prom night with Kityeng (Jayin).
Songs for registration slot, dinner, dance/game, gift exchange, announcing prom king and queen, songs to be sing together and ending. Most difficult part is to search for song that most people know to be sung together.

Initially, that's my only job for the night but i'm too kaypo. Haha.

Ok, let's see what have i done.

3-4-2010 (Saturday):
I accompanied the cards making group ( Tian Chyr and Hooi Ling) to buy the materials needed after our presentation. The cards will be our door gift for the night. They already got a sample to follow but the materials are too expensive and hard to find. Hence, i gave some suggestions and end up being a member of that groups. LOL. We've spent about 5 to 6 hours that day. Bought a new slipper because cannot stand walking with high heels.

4-4-2010 (Sunday):
I try to design the words to be used in the cards, ie 'Glamorous get Together' and 'autograph' in the afternoon. Then we started to make the cards at 11pm++ and we ended at 4am. I cut the cards till my thumb numbed. Damn tired.

5-4-2010 (Monday):
I had a bad sleep in the previous day. Woke up a few times in the middle and dreamt about something related to the cards but cant remember anymore. LOL. Then Neo brought me and HL to print the words that i've designed in the afternoon. Wrote my profile for the class booklet after that. Discussed the song list with Jayin at night. Don't know started from what time till 3am.

6-4-2010 (Tuesday):
Went to class in the morning. Can't remember what i did in the afternoon. Haha. Oh! i knew already. I went to shopping with Voon and Chee. LOL. Try to list out and arrange the songs that we've chosen in the previous day at night. There is some changes in the schedule, so I asked some opinion from Jayin. She got test on the next day, so i felt really paiseh to disturb her. Slept at around 3.30am that day.

7-4-2010 (Wednesday):
Continued to make our cards at 1pm. Chee came to help today. We did till 5.30pm. Really exhausted. Had a break and went to dinner with course mates. Felt sad because cant join them to watch movie. I got the responsibility to finish up the cards. Went back and started to make cards at 9pm. Voon also came to help out and cooked soup for us as supper. Finally finished the cards at 1am. Felt happy and satisfied. Yeah!

8-4-2010 (Thursday):
Writing this post now. Haha. I'll attend the last lecture in the morning later. It will be my last class in UM. Don't know will go where after that. I think will have dinner with course mates at night.

9-4-2010 (Friday):
OMG! It's the day. Our prom night day. The theme of our night: Glamorous get-together. I think it will be an unforgettable night. *Wink*

Although, I'm really tired after doing all those things for the prom night, i feel very happy because i did contribute something for our class. Feeling really satisfy.

We put a lot of efforts to make the cards. It looks simple but it's not easy to make it. So, I really really hope everyone will like it.^^

Friday, April 2, 2010


Everyone has phobia.

Some is afraid of animals such as cats (Ailurophobia), dogs (Cynophobia), mice (Musophobia) and etc.

Some is afraid of heights (Acrophobia), confined spaces (Claustrophobia)....

Some is afraid of blood (Hemophobia)

Some is afraid of ?????

There are really uncountable types of phobia.

My biggest fear?

OMG, it's public speaking (Glossophobia).

And I'm going to have presentation on saturday.

I never felt so stress because this will be the most formal and serious presentation i ever have.

It's not that i never have a presentation before, but often, the past presentation is not that important.

The importance i meant here is the mark allocation for the assignment.

This time the presentation part holds 65% of the total marks. It's very heavy.

I have been complained that i cant sleep well last few days and i suspect that this is all due to the pricing assignment.

Although it is a group assignment, but i felt really stress doing it because i'm not familiar with the topic.

I really can't sleep well before i completed my part of the assignment as the deadline is approaching. Once i completed my part and saw our assignment is somehow completed, i felt a little bit relief and can only sleep well.

I'm really afraid of public speaking. The symptoms? Palpitation, dry mouth, tense voice and etc.
When i feel nervous, i tend to forget the things that i want to present. Really scary...arghhh!

Help me please!!!

Or maybe wish me good luck...

Some interesting phobias to share here:

What do you call a fear of having a phobia?

What do you call a fear of number 666?
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.....a very very long word...geng!