Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Surprise ^.^

Reluctantly, i went to work this morning as I was having Tuesday Blue. No Monday Blue this week because i took leave to rest at home for my birthday.

I was late as usual, but i still walked lazily towards my workstation. As i opened my drawer, i saw an unfamiliar paper bag sitting in the place where i normally keep my bag. I explored it curiously and saw a note inside. Oh, it was a birthday gift from my manager. =] I was really surprise because he is my new manager, whom i have only known for less than 2 months.

Well, it was not about the gift that made me happy but the 'heart' that touched me. It made my day.

By the way, I feel really lucky and glad that i always meet with good, kind and friendly supervisors.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Hmm..this blog has been abandoned for quite some time. Actually, i have a lot to write sometimes but just not on the right time and the sudden urge to write vanished after awhile.

Well, what is 627? Nothing special, just my birthday!

I have my first 'official' celebration 10days ago with my colleagues but this celebration was not done on purpose. Supposedly, we were having our department's welcome lunch for a few new staffs in TGI Friday. So, they took this opportunity to celebrate my birthday concurrently. Haha. But i did have a surprise when i saw a cake in front of me out of sudden. You know what was written on the cake? " Happy birthday Fatty Angie". I was like : "......" & =.= Another surprise?
Anyway, really thanks to my colleagues who remembered that my birthday was approaching and told the boss to celebrate for me.

Unofficial? Neway Karaoke is having birthday month promotion, that is free one head charge. So my colleagues took this opportunity to go sing K. And birthday promotion comes with a free champagne if there are more than 6 head counts. I did not how to react when Neway played the birthday song as they served the champagne because my birthday was 2 weeks away and they didn't plan to celebrate birthday for me. Another week later, we went to sing K again to celebrate getting bonus and to get the free head charge. These 2 sing k session can't count as celebration bah! haha...

I had my second 'special' celebration yesterday. What so special? Because my dear coursemates made me to bake my own birthday cup cakes. Haha. According to Lee Wen, they are tiring of dirty celebration like pouring water, flour and etc and baking own birthday cake is another type of torture. Haha... To tell you the truth, i did enjoyed this 'torturing' process. Those cupcakes may not be the most beautiful cake i have in my life but they are special and memorable one. Luckily they are edible and the taste is not too bad.

We started our day with the said "legendary" ikan bakar in Jalan Bellamy before baking the cakes. Only 1 stall opened that day and we just gave it a try since we had no choice. As soon as we reached and made our order, it started pouring cats and dogs. Wow, the rain was too heavy until we had no place to sit. What a 'wonderful' day to have ikan bakar, huh! In the end we had to dine our sotong and ikan bakar in their kitchen :S and the dishes were cold. We did felt a bit disappointed though.

After baking the cup cakes, we headed to Kota Damansara to have our Mexican Dinner, which was chosen by Kai You. The interesting part is we couldn't find the restaurant. Lol. So we had to change the venue to a Japanese restaurant in Sunway Giza. I guess this was another surprise that they wanted to give me. haha. Anyway, really glad that my coursemates came to celebrate and ate those cupcakes with me. Oh ya, thanks for the gift. =)

Well, that's all the memorable celebration i have this year.

Thank You guys and gals! You know who you are...