Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, as usual I don't have any new year resolution as I can hardly meet the targets. However, I had set myself some targets this year.

Since I am in Actuarial field, I can't escape from study and exam until I become a qualified Actuary. It's sad to say that I am far behind my colleagues not only in term of papers but also salary. Actually, my only concern is $$$, haha... No kidding, how do you feel when you work as hard as others and OT more then the rest but your pay is ridiculously lower than the others due to less paper you have? Yup, I have been wasting 1 year silly-ly for work without any return. It's a wake-up call for me.

So, my only goal this year is to pass as many exams as I can. My targets are:
1) Finish FAP modules (at least until IA)
2) Pass MLC (hopefully and praying hard i can pass the May's paper)
3) Pass C (a bit hard to pass by this year but no harm trying)

Oh exam exam exam, I hate exams. $$$, you are my motivation. Fighting!