Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quiet moment

Time passes by as quick as a wink, it's end of september now. It means that MLC exam is around the corner.

Having working for more than 3 months, means I'm no longer new. Needless to say, work load increases day by day. On average, i leave company everyday at 8pm and reach home around 9pm after having dinner. Study? Nah, too tired.

In order to on leave and go back hometown without worry, i worked till 10pm++ to clear my outstanding tasks to meet deadline in 2 weeks ago.

And last friday, i worked till 11pm++ for the first time with one of my colleague. Both of us held a big responsibility on checking our system before signing off to use it for real. The whole floor just left us to 2 girls when we left. What an experience huh! The sad part was missing a gathering dinner with my friends.

Count-downing to my exam on 2nd Nov, I just have 37 days left and i got more than 50 chapters in total to cover. Will i able to finish it? Ya, I'm seriously short of time.

I think i'm really tired and stress out.

As you can see that i'm starting to disappear from Facebook and MSN. Also, do not join outing with friends this week. Feeling like hiding myself alone at home and don't feel like talking and going out. I am totally different from normal me who likes to laugh and hang out with friends.

I guess i need some quiet time, to rest properly. I'll be inactive for the moment.

Working and studying at the same time is really tiring. I really need to rejuvenate myself in order to walk further.

Hope that this quiet moment of me will pass through soon and i won't lose myself.

I'll be back, soon!


  1. Add oil!!!
    All of us are always here to support each other!!! =)

  2. thanks cheechee..u too!
    btw, how are you lately?

  3. studying while working is really tiring, gambateh!!..must remember work life balance la :)

  4. haha...
    I am still goyang-kaki-ing at home~~~
    waiting for the best to come~ ^___^

  5. thanks everyone..feeling better this week..we all jia you together la...

  6. no ah, u still laugh a lot.... LOL...

  7. beng hui just realized u got a blog also..haha..

    last week no mood lo..u dont know EQ very high de..dont want to spoil others mood ma
    btw, felt better dy this week cos yesterday reached home b4 7pm...

  8. i nv update my blog very long liao lo.... juz use it to read my fren's blogs some time... hehe...

    so wassup? y so moody? okok, tmr's target, leave office at 530pm!!!!:)

  9. Just realized u got blog.
    Jia You. :)
    And take care.

  10. Hmm... Yee Siu also got blog? LOL...

  11. i like helth care

  12. There is always starting and ending, first and last time of every thing.

    The ups and downs in life is going on continuously and everybody has to face them!

    thomas perraz


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