Friday, October 22, 2010

One year Old has been 1 year since i started out blogging. Today is the day i turn 1 year old as a blogger.

Happy birthday to Angie the blogger. ^^

My tag line for this blog is ~a place to share, for everything i care~. Yea, this is really a place for me to share. Happy or sad, i just burst out all my emotions here. Not to say all la, but i did show a lot of feelings and thoughts that people might not know what i really think here. Well, may be this is the only place that i can and dare to voice out my feeling.

By the way, exam is around the corner. 10 days to go~~ i guess i'm going gaga again ><

Good luck to GieGie gaga!


  1. happy birthday Rhythm in my heart..well,please take good care of angie yea ..XD

  2. u try to search the definition of gaga and see..haha

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