Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Surprise ^.^

Reluctantly, i went to work this morning as I was having Tuesday Blue. No Monday Blue this week because i took leave to rest at home for my birthday.

I was late as usual, but i still walked lazily towards my workstation. As i opened my drawer, i saw an unfamiliar paper bag sitting in the place where i normally keep my bag. I explored it curiously and saw a note inside. Oh, it was a birthday gift from my manager. =] I was really surprise because he is my new manager, whom i have only known for less than 2 months.

Well, it was not about the gift that made me happy but the 'heart' that touched me. It made my day.

By the way, I feel really lucky and glad that i always meet with good, kind and friendly supervisors.

1 comment:

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