Monday, January 4, 2010

A week without computer~

Woohoo...First post in year 2010...

Time flies...My last long holiday has finally ended.

I enjoyed spending some quality time with my family especially my lovely sister.

I enjoyed meeting up with my secondary school friends. We had some wonderful gathering.

I really enjoyed my 3 weeks holiday in Penang. I felt sad to leave home and came back here, in PJ.

It has been a week now. But actually i felt very happy here also.

I came back on Monday, 28 Dec 2009 and found out that my computer has broken down. When i switched it on, it only showed: " Reboot and select a proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device." Gosh, my hard disk had reached it life span, i guessed.

Felt so so so down. I don't know how will my life be without a computer. Computer is my only companion here. Sob sob.

Luckily, i got a bunch of coursemates and friends here and also my housemates. My life is not that boring and lifeless as i thought after all. ^^

How was my first week without computer?

Monday: Went to watch Avatar in Tropicana Mall with Renee, Hooi Ling (a.k.a woman) and Neo. Nice movie!

: First day to class for this new semester. Went to Red Box Plus Karaoke, Mid valley in the afternoon for lunch. Back to class at 4pm. Had dinner with coursemates in SS2 after class and chit chat for a few hours.

Wednesday: Went to Yee Voon's house to prepare food for the party at night. We had make the milk agar-agar with logan. For my coursemates health, i made it less sweet. Haha (but they complained that it was tasteless). I had missed the chance to learn to cook curry chicken from voon's mom because voon was busy that day. I had a wonderful and memorable party at night. First time got thrown into the pool by the guys. Nice experience! We had 2nd round in Picadaly (dont know how to spell).

Thursday: It was new year eve. Went to class in the morning and slept in the afternoon (not enough sleep in the previous day). Went to Xuan music cafe to countdown at night. Yeah, I'm not lonely that day.

Friday: Woke up very late. Suddenly decided to go to Time Square with my housemates in the afternoon, since i got nothing to do at home. Had fun eating delicious food and shopping. Felt so happy to have my favorite green tea ice cream. Yummy!

: Had Dim Sum in Jalan Ipoh at 12.30am. First time ler, geng! Stayed at home during day time. Did laundry, uploaded photos and surfed internet (Thanks to my housemates for let me using their laptop). My friend helped me to sent my CPU to the expert. Raining day spoilt my swimming plan in the evening.

Sunday: Went to Green Box Karaoke with housemates and shopping again! Really broke liao....

Woah, actually i was really busy and having fun this week without computer. Great!

Oops, I think this post too long liao..haha!

(p/s: I need to spend a few more days without computer because my friend is not free to get it back for me)


  1. olala..sing 2 times of karaoke in 1 week ...haha..without realizing, 1 week have passed, and we have did so many things.Thanks for such a lot of activities, or else I also will die dryly in room in the past" w/t internet week"..haha..

  2. enjoy urself everyday~~~good!!!