Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How clumsy can you be?

I admit I am a clumsy person. Always forget this and that, do all sorts of careless mistakes, blah blah blah...You should know this if you know me well.

Well, today will be marked as the most blur moment in my life so far.

The story is like this:

I was out of cash so i planned to withdraw money today. So, i just grabbed my card and went to ATM machine before going for lunch. I performed the transaction as usual while chatting with my colleague. So far so good.

After i chose the amount i want, i was asked to key in my ATM pin. I tried but the pin no. is incorrect. I was very sure that was the correct pin so i keyed in again. But, it was still wrong. Then, i tried again and end up the card was retained by the ATM machine.

Huh, what's wrong? Am I that blur till i forgot my ATM pin? Impossible bah! Well, i thought may be I was too hungry as i just had a packet of biscuit this morning before my VEE exam and nothing went in my stomach for the next 5 hours. I blamed my blur-ness to the hunger.

Next, i called the bank customer service to inform them about the fate of my ATM card so they can disable the old card and reissue a new one for me. Done. I was going to my collect my new ATM card at the nearest branch after back from lunch.

Oh wait, this is not the end of story yet.

I think i got my conscience back after I had my lunch.

OH MY GOD! The card that had been eaten by the ATM machine is not an ATM card. It is a CREDIT CARD. I realized it suddenly and I tried to tell my colleagues, but i kept on laughing till unable to speak. I should have sensed something amiss when I was asked to key in the pin no. only after select the amount to withdraw. But, it was too late.

The BEST part is, I have lost BOTH of my cards. ATM card has been blocked and credit card has been retained. =.= One word: "Excellent"

If it happens on you, how will you react in this situation? For me, I just laugh! Laugh off my silliness. Ya, i tend to laugh at myself at this kind of silly situation. I don't know what reaction should i give other than laugh. And my colleague said: "You still can laugh at this moment."

Net loss for this clumsiness?
Cost of reissuing new ATM card = RM12
Cost of replacing new credit card = RM25
So, this lesson has cost me RM37

Luckily, i set different pin for ATM card and credit card, else RM50 will be charged for withdrawing money from credit card. So, it will cost me extra RM13 if my card was not retained by the ATM machine. This is the optimistic side of thinking. Haha

End of story. Thanks for reading. That's life. Hope you will have a good laugh on this.


  1. aiyo, u left one funny thing out lo.... That is you just walked away like nothing happened and continue chat with your colleague after your "ATM" card has been retained lo.... LOL.... :P

  2. cos i plan to go to the branch directly to settle ma..actually no need to call customer service lo..go branch faster, solve everything at once

  3. can cos i solved my credit card problem in branch as well. I called customer service but system down, they cant do anything and i asked me to call back a few hours later. then, i just go to branch and settle everything.

  4. angie!!! i m soooo surprised when i read it is a CREDIT CARD!!!! OMG!!! angie!!

  5. haha..too blur..
    i also cant believe i did that..