Thursday, March 17, 2011

Impromptu presentation

Let me share the new experience i got today.

I was asked to attend a meeting today. This meeting was held to discuss the project kickoff timeline and tasks of respective departments.

Since this product is handled by me and my colleague was too busy with other task, i was required to attend the meeting alone. However, i have been busy with other task, so i have never properly go through this product. I just roughly read through the benefits of this product a day before.

Ok. People from respective departments started to fill up the meeting room and someone called out "let's start". But no one actually started talking. The one who held the meeting is quite new. Then, suddenly someone said let's get actuarial to talk about the product feature since it was never been discussed before.

Then i said and laughed: I was never told to do so in this meeting. The person who held the meeting looked at me and said let's discuss this first.

I was like: "huh, really? Me? Shit!" I have never prepared anything before the meeting and i'm not familiar with the product yet.

Everyone turned to me and waited for me to start. I have no choice and there was no escape road. I don't even have slides to present. Everyone was holding the product specification documents that prepared by my colleague and i have never seen that before. Luckily, i did bring along other related documents.

And so i started my presentation. I just looked at my documents and simply crapped. Haha...
The hardest part was not to do the talking but to answer all sorts of questions. I just pretended like I knew very well when answering questions but actually i was not too sure. For those questions that are too hard, i just replied : i'll get back to you. LOL.

When i was almost done, my boss came in suddenly. Good, because they all turned to him and asked the questions that i can't answer. Somebody joked: you secretly text your boss for help huh? LOL.

Although my presentation was quite terrible this morning, it wasn't too bad after all. It was impromptu anyway. At least i have gained a new experience today.


  1. Geng u..if tat's me, i will die there d..haha

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