Monday, November 28, 2011

Change 1.0

Lately, i have been thinking deeply about myself, my personality, my taste, my everything, Yes, i am self-reflecting. And, i realized i have changed a lot in these 1 year + time.


  1. everyone is changing's sometimes frightening when look at own changes, but this is to survive, the environment the ppl won change just to adapt you, is u to adapt ppl..survival rules 1.0..haha

  2. you are so right! really change to adapt the environment and sometimes i freak out myself..kindly advice us more about your survival rules..haha

  3. haha..i also changed jor a u think i got good survival rules???:D
    I think you are in ur down time now, tat's y u negative..soon u will be better, cause we are JUNE babies~~ nothing we scare of ~~ haha..Cheers~