Monday, November 28, 2011

Cleaning 101: Fan

I have been freaking lazy lately. I would spend my weekend lying on the bed doing nothing and sleeping. Waking up just to eat, snacking, watch drama and online is my habbit now. Not sure since when. My room get messier and messier, clothes left un-holded after drying. Aiks, no eyes to see myself. No wonder i got fatter and fatter these days. Actually, i have been thinking of cleaning and tidying up my room for some time already but my laziness keeps holding me back.

Guess what? Today is Monday and it is a Public holiday (Awal Muharram). As usual, i stay at home, my room to be exact, wasting time. Really unproductive >.< After wasting half of my day doing nothing productive, i come to my sense finally.  "NO. I cannot continue to be like this" I said to myself.

Ok, where shall i start? Perhaps, i should just sweep the floor. And so i off the fan. Wow, the fan is so damn black and dusty. I think i haven't wipe it for some time already. Oops!

Alright, i'll start with the fans. :S It might be easy for a lot of people to clean it but it ain't easy for a shawty like me. Oops! I mean shorty. Well, never mind, these may help! haha

Stacking 4 stools together

Look at the dust!

Done with the first paddle. Ouch, my neck hurts ! 2 paddles to go...


Finally i'm done! Squeaky Clean >.^ 

Next, i proceeded to sweep my room and the living room. Then, i changed my bed sheet and threw the rubbish. Ok, tired~ Rest awhile only mop the floor. After awhile, i changed my mind. Let's continue tomorrow. XP haha...Lazy me!

P/S: Sorry for wasting your time to read my junk post...haha

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