Saturday, October 13, 2012

Prawning ~ 29/9/2012

Prawning @ Hai Bin, Bishan
It was another boring weekend. My friends and myself decided to do something fun to "kill" our time. And as you can see from the picture, we went for "prawning" at Hai Bin, Bishan.

If catch fishes = FISHING, then catch prawns = PRAWNING??! ...

We took the 3 hours session which cost S$ 30 per person. Oh, and we bought a box of "cacing" (earth worm), which cost S$1, as our bait.

3 of us did not catch many prawns that day. But still, I was the prawning queen among us. Out of the 15 prawns we caught, around 9 prawns were caught by me...*clap clap* One of my friend caught only 1. wtf..haha..Actually it's not as easy as you think as the prawns got away easily after eating your bait.

A stranger gave us her 5 prawns and so we got 20 prawns in total. At the end of the session, we proceeded to the BBQ pit area to "settle" our prawns. Everything was provided by the shop and all we needed to do was to lit up the fire.

Overall, the prawning session was great. I really enjoyed it very much. However, the downside was the BBQ session as you need to spent a lot of time and effort to lit up the fire just to BBQ a few prawns. Even so, I will go again. Haha..

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