Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Green Corridor Run ~ 27/1/2013

After the Great Eastern Women Run, I immediately looked up for more upcoming marathons. Well, the Green Corridor Run caught my attention due to it's unique 10.5km running course. The cause started at the old Tanjong Pagar Rail Station winds its way along the 'Green Corridor' till the old Bukit Timah Rail Station. 
To be honest, the course is rather difficult as the surface is a combination of trail, grass, gravel, clay, rocks and mud. However,  as a nature lover, I really enjoyed the scenic greenery view and the fresh air throughout the run.
Erm, I took 1:37:16 to finish the course this time. Obviously I did not train for the run. Haha...
I am targeting to join few more running events this year. Fighting!

Don't forget to smile and pose when reaching finish line. A lot of cameras are flashing. Piece! Y('u')


  1. nice, but should it be called the green corridor stroll?

  2. last time don understand why ppl will like marathon, but after try once u will addicted to it. I'm also looking for some marathon in 2013, fighting! XD

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