Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~Love at First Sight~

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Well, i personally do not believe it...
or may be i haven't met mine...hehe.. i don't know.

I came across with this post this morning:

There are 10 true tales of love at first sight in the post.
You can go to the link and read them.

After reading them, my perception changed a little bit, not totally la.
Perhaps, it may happen but only to those who are lucky.
It's special only if both feel the same way.
I really don't know.
Or may be you've met yours but you do not realize it.

To me, i cannot love somebody without knowing anything about that person.
I'm kinda choosy i guess.
So i think love at first sight will not happen on me.

Well, what do you think about love at first sight? Are you a believer?


  1. love at first sight?? tat onli happen if both of them like each other and prior condition is u must be good looking..
    u oso can see la..10 true tales of love at first sight..10 out of how many? do the statistic and u'll know result..haha...

  2. haha, tat's y i dun believe it...
    It only happens to those who are lucky..