Friday, October 30, 2009

Isn't Right

Tonight is another night,
dark dark sky with no moonlight,
feeling a bit tight,
something is just not right;

Staring at the fluorescent light,
i do not feel it is bright,
something wrong with my eyesight?
or just my mind isn't right?

Hoping to get a flight,
escape to a place with a great height,
to see the beautiful twilight,
wish that everything can just out of my sight;

Everything is just not right,
but i won't give up without a fight,
try my best to make everything alright,
and tomorrow night will be a wonderful night.


  1. Is this poem written by u???
    ya I remember, u r good in writing poem... haha... keep it up~~~

  2. yup,is me...haha..i'm still a beginner...
    long time din write jor lo..almost 1 year lo...