Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life is vulnerable....Treasure your life...

R.I.P uncle....

I woke up today with a sms on my phone. It was from my sister.

"Uncle passed away d"

I didn't feel shock but just feel sad because i have ready to receive such news.

Actually, I have received some bad news about my uncle 5 days ago.

He was hospitalized because he......

An unwise and silly decision.

Yes, his life had been chaotic and yet everyone had always helped him out no matter what.

I still remembered i accompanied my dad shopping the day before CNY to buy new clothes for him. My dad even gave him money to buy a pair of new sports shoes. He was very happy after he bought a pair of NIKE shoes and showed it to my dad.

I was so shocked that day till i can't concentrate on my study even though i had test the next day.

He was in coma for a few days. I think everyone had calm down in these few days and prepared for the worst.

Well, life is hard and complicated. There are always ups and downs in our life.

Sometimes, it's not easy to overcome the hardship but there is always a way to get through it. All we need is time and patience.

Running away is a bad option that will just make our love ones hurt more.

Life is vulnerable. Treasure every moment you have in your life. Live life to the fullest without regrets.


  1. May he RIP.. life's full of ups and downs. We must learn how to overcome every single challenge that falls upon us. No matter how bad the situation might be, there will always be a solution to it. Never give up oneself,even it only a 1% for finding the solution. Every fall, there will be a gain. treasure every moment we have.

  2. =.= y the thing u wrote almost same as mine?
    the only thing u add in is
    "Every fall, there will be a gain."
    but i like this...

  3. Was blog-hopping this morning and saw your entry. it reminds me of this beautiful and touching advertisment.
    here's da link:

    it never fail to remind me how i should always cherish the things and people around me while they are still there...

    Sze Yin

  4. same meh?? but then the meaning about the same la..same encouragement words..LOL..dont think i copied urs

  5. yea~~life's short~~
    we shd treasure every moment, sweet or sour ^.^