Friday, April 2, 2010


Everyone has phobia.

Some is afraid of animals such as cats (Ailurophobia), dogs (Cynophobia), mice (Musophobia) and etc.

Some is afraid of heights (Acrophobia), confined spaces (Claustrophobia)....

Some is afraid of blood (Hemophobia)

Some is afraid of ?????

There are really uncountable types of phobia.

My biggest fear?

OMG, it's public speaking (Glossophobia).

And I'm going to have presentation on saturday.

I never felt so stress because this will be the most formal and serious presentation i ever have.

It's not that i never have a presentation before, but often, the past presentation is not that important.

The importance i meant here is the mark allocation for the assignment.

This time the presentation part holds 65% of the total marks. It's very heavy.

I have been complained that i cant sleep well last few days and i suspect that this is all due to the pricing assignment.

Although it is a group assignment, but i felt really stress doing it because i'm not familiar with the topic.

I really can't sleep well before i completed my part of the assignment as the deadline is approaching. Once i completed my part and saw our assignment is somehow completed, i felt a little bit relief and can only sleep well.

I'm really afraid of public speaking. The symptoms? Palpitation, dry mouth, tense voice and etc.
When i feel nervous, i tend to forget the things that i want to present. Really scary...arghhh!

Help me please!!!

Or maybe wish me good luck...

Some interesting phobias to share here:

What do you call a fear of having a phobia?

What do you call a fear of number 666?
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.....a very very long word...geng!


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