Friday, November 20, 2009

Take your time, have a cup of Coffee...

I have to admit, i'm addicted to coffee recently. The coffee i mean here is Old Town White Coffee with natural cane sugar.

The funny thing is i used to dislike coffee for the past 22 years. Haha...

I started drinking coffee this year during my internship period (March-June). I had to wake up very early every morning to go to work. To kill my sleepiness, i drank coffee. I can't really drink much coffee because of palpitation. So, i just added a bit Nescafe in my Milo and it became Neslo. I drank it almost every working day during that period.

I started with Nescafe. Then my brother recommend me Old Town White Coffee and i started to like it and abandoned Nescafe. I would mix half packet of Old Town White Coffee with 2 teaspoons of Milo. Yum yum..

I stopped after my internship ended and started to drink it again lately during my study week. I drink it almost everyday but not everyday la..haha. I'll start my day with a cup of Neslo and biscuits or bread. After that, i only start studying.

I drink and drink and drink until running out of supply only i realized my addiction to it. I would crave for it. I substituted it with Nescafe Gold which i bought long time ago but it doesn't satisfy my taste bud, haha..

We always hear that coffee is bad for health. Actually, coffee is not as bad and harmful to health. Moderate consumption of coffee can be good for health.

Health benefits of coffee
  • coffee helps to combat atherosclerosis, since it increases blood content of benign cholesterol, which help prevent hardening of the walls of blood vessels
  • helps identify irregularities in the work of the digestive system, like (heartburn, gastritis, etc.)
  • protects the liver from a number of diseases
  • prevents the increase of blood pressure, due to fact that coffee contains polyphenols, which according to experts expand the blood vessels.
  • coffee contains life-giving antioxidants to help fight cancer and heart disease
  • coffee helps to stop blood after small cuts
  • increases stamina
  • helps to overcome drowsiness
  • coffee enhances memory and the ability to focus
  • stimulates the creative spirit and associative thinking
  • coffee treats cold (at initial stage)
  • improves your mood
  • enhances the functioning of the heart and metabolism
  • coffee positively affects the lungs
  • improves blood circulation
  • coffee contains vitamin PP and minerals
  • stimulates activity of kidneys
For more information, please visit the link below:

Oh ya, i almost forget, my purpose of writing this post is to show off the Old Town White Coffee mug i got today. My mug's serial no. is 0026286. Haha... the mug is really cute and it is limited edition. I can enjoy my coffee again start from tomorrow until i finish my external paper in 1st of December.


  1. walaoeh..mug oso wanna show off..haha
    since u like white coffee so much..recommend u "sam shuk gong" white fren said nice la..

  2. will try it if got chance...
    but i think i'll stop drinking after FM ler...continue again next semester..haha

  3. try out "SUPER- ngo giu lei si!!!" white coffee oso...^^

  4. good to hear the "health benefits of coffee" ^^
    but my housemate said, drink coffee 2 cups per day will make your breast smaller, according to sin chew jit poh..haha

  5. Nescafe + Milo = Neslo
    Ha ha ha... that was funny.
    What according to you is a "moderate" consumption of coffee?

    Finn Felton