Tuesday, November 10, 2009

-My little Sister-

I have a sister. Her name is Joyce. We are very very close. I love her very much.

She is younger than me but she is taller than me. So outsiders always thought that i'm younger than her...hehe

Although she is younger than me, she always treats me and takes care of me as if she is my big sister. Every time i go back Penang, she'll buy me my favorite food like dark Chocolate, some junk food and etc. She always worries that i got nothing to eat in KL. She works part time in ESPRIT and she always 'forces' me to go there to choose some clothes because she wants to buy for me (but the clothes there don't really fit me so i seldom go). I know she loves me and wants to make me happy.

I recalled the first day when i left Penang to UM in KL. I remembered she did not speak much that day and i could see her sad eyes with some tears at the moment i left. I shed some tears on my way to KL not because of leaving home but because of her. She is the one that i worried the most when i left Penang. I felt bad for leaving her alone in Penang as my 2 brothers were also at KL at that time.

There is another incident that i felt touching. It was happened in this year during my internship period. My friends and i planned to go back to our beloved home town on one friday straight after worked. She bought the tickets a few days before but the tickets turned out to be invalid because the time stated in the ticket was not in the schedule.We were ask to wait here wait there and we walked around Pudu Raya that night. For the first time, i wore high heels for about 20 hours. Can you imagine how painful my legs were? After a few hours, we only knew that our tickets were actually invalid. We tried to changed the tickets but the counter had closed at that time and was operated by different person. All tickets were sold out because that following monday was a public holiday. We were stranded at Pudu Raya until almost midnight. I called my dad and told him that i could not go back that day and the incident. My sister was having supper with my dad at that time and tears were rolling down her cheeks instantly when she heard about the incident. I knew this from my dad the next day and i was touched because she cried in the public because of me. By the way, we got tickets to go back at the end and that was a bad incident that i had experienced and would remember. A beautiful nightmare huh?

Ding Dong. The door bell rang. Someone is looking for me. I'm curious. Who could he or she be? He is the Pos Laju man. He handed me a parcel from Joyce, my sister. I am very very surprised because she never mentions to me about this. You know what is it inside the parcel? As i guessed, it is a box of dark Chocolate - Ferrero Rondnoir (i never eat before one..hehe). I guess she worries that i am under stress as I'm having exam now. This is the second time i received Chocolate parcel from her (the first time was a box of Ferrero Rocher, big one, during Valentines' day...haha). I am very happy today because i got a surprise from her. She makes my day. Really good to have such a sister huh? Don't envy...hehe

I love you, sis! Thanks....


  1. good good sister.. n very touching..

  2. thanks...i'm so lucky to hv her as my sister...

  3. i noe how it feels when u have such a sister^^
    u reli feel blessed and there alwiz someone u can count on~~she'll never fail on u, and she'll alwiz do simple lil things that could easily touch ur heart~~reli nice to have such a person in ur life!!!

    i dun have a sister...but i too, have such a lil brother^^

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