Monday, November 23, 2009


Song of the day: Stolen by Jay Sean

This is a song i used to like a few years ago. The only old song i can remember from this singer.

Oh ya, Jay Sean's new song Down featuring Lil Wayne is quite nice also.

After watching the video, I got a question here.

Do guys always cannot resist when women offer themselves to them?

Or just they simply do not want to reject the 'great' offer?

I don't understand la.

Get back to stolen, when will my heart be stolen? haha...

Due to some personal reasons, i have locked up my heart and secured it in a safety box to prevent it from being stolen and broken. It's quite hard to steal it because to reach the box, first one must tear down a wall.

Well to tell you the truth, my heart is almost being stolen this year. Everything is happened too fast and too abrupt until no time for me to build the wall. Fortunately, it did not happened. I felt lucky because i found out later that the person is not the right one for me.

I'll feel scared when someone gets nearer to the safety box. I guess i got philophobia. I think i need some time to overcome it. Hopefully, i can meet the right one who has the right key to unlock my heart and help me overcoming my phobia.

p/s: I don't why i wanna share those feeling here today. Those are truly personal and deep down from my heart and i usually won't share. May be i'll regret after posting it...

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  1. i guess that is why we are great frens since secondary school^^the box is so deeply locked that i duno whether i still have the key with me~~i'll have to wait for that someone that has all the patience to slowly take down the wall brick by brick~~i guess this type of guyz are almost extinct!!! and that is why we're still single~~❤

    no worries bout sharing it here babe^^
    u'll feel better after u shared it out with someone~~if u're afraid that ppl whom u do not wish to let them see this might read it, juz set it to view by permission only~~