Thursday, January 27, 2011

OT - Goosebumps?

I went for training these 2 days. Full time, from 9am - 5pm. The training was internal but the location was in different building.

Well nothing special actually. However, i did experience something, errr....something different ><.

Here's the story:

After the first day training ended, i went back to office to work. Actually can go home directly but sigh, too many things to be done before CNY holidays.

Around 8pm, my housemate asked me want to go back or not. I hesitated for awhile and decided to go back earlier.

After dinner and on the way home, i came to realize that my big boss is going on leave starting from friday. Shit! I got some urgent thing that need him to review and sign but not yet done.

Then i rushed back to office to do. Sigh, it took a lot more time than i thought it should be.

Work, work, work. Till 12am, everyone on that floor left already and i was alone again.

Out of no where, an alarm started to ring. Don't know whose. Gosh, really. Luckily, my colleague told me about this before, else i'll be really really shocked.

Ya, it was late already. I quickly finished off the part that i did half way and went back.

It was 12.15am when i left. Walked to the lift and found the up button was pressed. Don't care la, i just pressed down button and it opened immediately. Eh, why the light of up button still on? Hmm...

I went in and pressed G. The lift stopped at 7th floor and opened. No one. Ok. It stopped again at 6th floor. This time the lift opened half only and closed. Oh dear, it's getting creepier. Okkk...Let's continue, it stopped at 4th floor again. Wah, this time it is really scared the hell out of me. My heart was almost jumped out. The light on that floor was off and it was all dark when the lift opened. Damn eerie! I quickly pressed close button, went down and left the building.

I'll think twice next time if i need to stay that late again.

p/s: Opps, the topic is not related to the picture at all.

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  1. damn scary ><...dont play play... next time if u wan to OT till so late... better bring along a lot of talismans for ghosts...or maybe garlics to for Vampires ..LOL