Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have an announcement to make.

The pregnant cat had given birth to 3 baby cats.

If not mistaken, they are 2 girls and a boy.

They'll be adopted by others when they grow bigger and no longer dependent on their mom.

I feel that the cats are really 好命 (lucky?). They are given with a lot of freedom (not caged) and are fed with good food. See what they eat:

cat biscuits

ocean fish (my dad really sayang them)

That's why we have to give away the baby cats or else my dad will be broke because they eat a lot.

However, they really do their job well. They did catch rats for a few times before.

can u spot the hidden cat? hehe


  1. giegie~~the cats are so cute!!!
    where's ur dad's sundry shop???
    shd go find u when i'm free~~

  2. very far balik pulau there...

  3. wah~~reli far T.T
    next time mayb~~
    i like the laksa near the pasar there!!!