Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It has been a routine for me to follow my dad to his little sundry shop after dinner almost everyday since i backed from KL.

As usual, i just go there, sit aside playing with the cats or reading newspaper.

About 10.00pm, when the shop was about to close, i saw a woman riding a motorcycle and stopped in front the shop. She came in, approached the counter straight away and asked : "Aunty, dah berapa lama kamu buka kedai ini?"

Curiosity lead me and my dad to approach the counter and see what was wrong.

Aunty: "Setengah tahun."

Woman: " Aunty, semalam kamu salah kira la."

Then she took out a note book and turned to a page where she listed down what she had bought from the shop yesterday and the price of each item. She took the calculator on the table and showed the aunty the total price.

Woman: " kamu kurang kira ini."

I thought she came back to ask for the money that over calculated but turned out to be to return the money that miscalculated yesterday.

Dad: " Wah, kamu sporting ar...orang biasa tak akan pulang balik duit kalau tersalah kira."

Said the woman, as she shopped for some groceries: " Saya juga buat business, saya tau la...buat apa juga ada balasan la...hari ini buat macam ini kepada orang lain, lain hari orang lain juga akan balas balik kepada kamu. Saya tak kisah kalau saya tersalah kira dan customer tak pulangkan duit tetapi bagi saya, orang business, saya tau la, saya akan pulangkan duit la......."

This woman is really honest. I mean she came back to return 60cents that was wrongly calculated the day before. It is really hard to find this kind of people nowadays. Like me for instant, i will return back the uncorrect change if i find out on the spot. If i only find out after i went home, i don't think i'll go back and return the money.

This is what i encountered today. I find it hard to believe and like to share it here. Thanks for reading it.


  1. yalo..60cents only..normally I also lazy to return back..applause for this woman =D

  2. salute to this woman! where to find this kind of people nowadays

  3. yala..really salute the woman la..60 cents only...

  4. i did this once b4~~
    last time during form6 b4 i move over to jit sin, i remember there was once i went to have my lunch in prangin, after eating, i forget jor, terus jalan balik ady~~when i was home only i teringat that i forgotten to pay~~
    so the next day, after getting down from the bus i purposely walked back to the shop to pay my meal b4 i jalan balik~~hehehe~~but tis is a bigger sum la, RM5 i guess~~

    but yea, i noe, memang hard to find this type of ppl ady~~when starting to read tis article, i tot tat lady is back for money too~~haha~~honesty could hardly be found tis days~~

  5. goh goh, very hard to find some one like u jor...good good...salute