Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the CATs

I love small animals.

Dogs? cats? rabbits? hamsters?

I love them all as long as they are pets.

Let me show you the cats in my dad's sundry shop.

Miao Miao (or Meow Meow) the mom

She likes to sneak out secretly to see her boyfriend =.=

Currently, she is pregnant for the 2nd time. Faint!

Mani (or Money, i think Money is more correct) the kid
She got 2 siblings but they are already given away.

She is very naughty and hyperactive.
Like to play with plastic bags.

Cute huh?


  1. The cats are cute if they never went into ur house n make a mess~~~ >.<

  2. cat is cute la...but i prefer dog... but then for male dog they will always come out with some "improper" movement. =,=lll

  3. the cats stay in the shop to catch mice...
    actually i also prefer dog la..haha

  4. dog is better!!!
    wah... ur cat still know how to catch mice arr??? so good...
    there are 2 cats in front of my house but i still can see a big fat rat passing by~~~ >.<