Friday, December 11, 2009

How do i get fat? Part 1: The Ice Cream

As we all know, ice cream is a junk food, sweet and creamy, unhealthy food that make us fat.

Yes, i like ice cream. But, i will only have it once in a blue moon. I like to eat ice cream especially when i'm stressed or sad.

My favorite ice cream is Green Tea Ice Cream (from the Legend of Tea)..yummy

My favorite flavor other than green tea is chocolate.

Get back to the main point, how i get fat during this holiday.

Everytime i follow my dad to his sundry shop, he'll ask me to eat ice cream. My reply? No, i don't want...very full and ice cream makes us fat.

Then he finds me not noticing, usually when i'm reading newspaper, he will take 2 ice creams, unwrap them and stand beside me.

Suddenly, dad said: "Nah, take it!"

I looked at him and replied: "I don't want."

Dad: "Unwrapped already, just eat la."

Me: "...."

No choice lo, i have to eat it since he already unwrapped it without asking me want to eat or not. I'm not sure whether he wants to eat it or he wants me to eat. Haha...

I had eaten 3 ice creams in less than a week. This is how i get fat.

How do i get fat? To be continued....


  1. haha... I m not sure how many "boxes" of ice-cream i had eaten during my final...
    dunno how to lose weight... die... somemore now eat n eat n eat at home only... XD

  2. sure he wan u to eat la..parents all are like tat 1..give us the best things they can..touching...