Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How do i get fat? Part 2: Tea Time

Usually, when i'm in KL, i wont have tea time.

Okla, may be i will have some biscuits or fruits for tea time occasionally if i feel hungry.

Here in Penang, gosh...I am 'forced' to have tea time, although not everyday, but quite often.

What i have for tea time??

Papa's homemade Decaffeinated Nescafe.
I thought i wont have any coffee after my exam =.=
but my dad would say: "Let's have some nescafe together, i make for you..."
Luckily, it is decaffeinated. So, palpitation wont strike and i still can sleep after having it.

Oily food: Pisang goreng, ubi goreng, curry puff, kuih, etc....
walao..all fried food.
I dont mind to have them occasionally, but my dad just love them and will buy them when he passes by the stall.
I am forced to eat them because i dont want my dad to eat so much. They are not good for health but my dad just wont listen. Haihhhh...what to do? I cant stop him from buying them so all i can do is to scarify my body to eat them. This is how i get fat.

To be continued....


  1. walaoeh!! i look at them, i feel my vessels are clotted with cholestrols!! mayb u should get ur dad for an annual body checkup then when he see the result, then he will scare n control on his diet ;)

  2. how u get fat-->ur dad!! haha

    cannot la took so much of oily food..not good for health!!

  3. haih...he wont listen la even my sis also mad at him sometimes...i talk to him about health everyday but he said i'm very noisy =.=

  4. your post makes me want to eat pisang goreng and cempedak goreng... haha

  5. liew, come back penang eat la...haha